Fragranze 14 presents

“Perfume, a certain tradition"

A private viewing of the documentary by Short Notes Portraits

Spazio Conferenze

This edition of Pitti Fragranze will also see a private viewing for perfume professionals of the documentary “Perfume, a certain tradition by Short Notes Portraits in close collaboration with the Dutch Fashion Foundation.

By portraits of Frédéric Malle, Michel Roudnitska, Pierre Bourdon and the iconic Serge Lutens, amongst others, "Perfume, a certain tradition" unlocks some of the best-kept secrets of the tradition and creation of something so elusive and fleeting as perfume. Whether for insiders or interested, this film is an essential document on the unique and captivating tradition of perfume creation. In depth portraits of some of the most prominent perfumers of today offer an exclusive insight in this secretive endeavor.
Mr. Pierre Bourdon passionately initiates us in the roots of the métier. Michel Roudnitska shows us around at the famous Roudnitska estate in Cabris, France, where his father, the great Edmond Roudnitska, created timeless perfumes like Eau Sauvage, Diorella and others. Mr. Frédéric Malle brings to the subject his brave and widely acclaimed venture Éditions de Parfums. In Montreux collector George Stam unlocks his exquisite collection of flacons and paraphernalia for the very first time in twenty-five years. At the Place Vendôme, Paris, Farida Khelfa shows us the fantastical flacons of Elsa Schiaparelli. And in his astonishing house in Marrakech, the iconic Serge Lutens generously initiates us in his intriguing universe and casts a poetic light on the history and secrets of his immense creativity.