The Italian Art of Scent.
Serra & Fonseca @ Pitti Fragranze

Stand B37

An exploratory journey to discover the infinite connections between the art of perfume and design, including figurative arts, excellent craftsmanship, literature and olfactory culture. This is the essence of Serra&Fonseca, the brand that came about thanks to the creativity and passion of Giovanna Zucconi, in a valley in the Emilian Apennines, where plants are grown with passion to be made into perfumes.

On the occasion of Pitti Fragranze, Serra&Fonseca is heading back to Florence with new arrivals and special projects:
_Friday 9 at 12pm @Stand B37: SCENT IS A VIDEO STAR
Scent becomes a star... a video star. This is the idea behind the project that involved the artist and videomaker Roberto Dassoni and a selection of brand ambassadors and friends of the perfume brand. And that’s not all. For the occasion, in fact, other special videos will be produced at the Serra&Fonseca stand starring the audience at the event. The videos will be broadcast live and on a loop during Fragranze and, subsequently, circulated on social networks. 
_Saturday 10 at 12.30pm @ Conference Area
Presentation of "Dalle parole ai profumi". Four interweaving tales. An unusual encounter between four professionals of culture and entertainment who have turned their passion for perfumes into a veritable business. With Giovanna Zucconi (Serra&Fonseca), Mariangela Rossi (Mar Collection), Luca Calvani (Inspiritv), Yvo Van Regteren Altena (Yvra 1958). 
_Sunday 11 at 12pm @ Stand B37
"BE A BEARD!": For the launch of the new Serra&Fonseca shaving line, Fragranze will host a veritable “Grooming Show” by hairstyling maestro Franco Curletto, who will give a live demonstration of cutting and grooming beards.