Straordinario sentire : a trilogy of fragrances in three acts

At Pitti Fragranze, the travelling olfactory itinerary of the Fragrance Academy

Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici

At Pitti Fragranze 14, from 9 to 11 September, Straordinario sentire: a trilogy of fragrances in three actsthe interactive itinerary-installation curated by the Fragrance Academy will be visiting Florence in the evocative setting of the Giardino dei Semplici, the Botanical Gardens of Florence.
With Straordinario sentire, the Fragrance Academy – founded in 1990 to promote perfume as an essential element of wellbeing, to promote its culture of creativity and its diffusion throughout Italy – launches a series of prestigious partnerships which involve key local stakeholders in the perfumery supply chain: from producers to leading international fairs in the cosmetic and artisanal perfumery sector, right down to the retail world.
The itinerary – in which over 40 selected scents can be discovered – will open with the premier of a film, “Straordinario Sentire” which recounts what perfume has represented over the course of history.
Here are the three acts that make up the itinerary of Straordinario Sentire:
Act I, devoted to emotion, “What do memories smell like?”:taking viewers through the sensibilità of the moment, smelling scents and entering into a personal sensory dimension.
Act II is devoted to evolution: “What does history smell like?”: through smell, it looks into the moments that marked the history of modern profumery.

Act III is devoted to knowledge: “What lies behind perfume?”: discovering how a perfume is created, starting with the raw materials, right down to packaging and communication. The nose guides the visitor “behind the scenes” of production, speaking not only about research and development but also about biodiversity, fair trade, ethical luxury and ecology.