“What Makes The Big Groups Want To Acquire Your Brand?”

Why are the big names so interested in niche brands? Chandler Burr in conversation with...

Spazio Conferenze

Big players in the cosmetics industry entering the world of artistic perfumery through acquisitions of niche brands is a very current phenomenon. Why are the big names so interested in niche brands? 
Chandler Burr in conversation with: Catherine Walsh, who had been Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at Coty, and before that held senior positions at Estée Lauder, is now head of her own company, Walsh House that offers strategic, marketing and creative consulting services to high-profile luxury brands with a special focus on the world of beauty; Lana Glazman, Vice President Corporate Innovation of Estée Lauder; Christophe Cervasel, founder and creator of Atelier Cologne.