At Pitti Fragranze Acca Kappa presents a short film directed by Giancarlo Marinelli

Conference Room

“La fabbrica della bellezza” (“The beauty factory”) is a film piece desired by Acca Kappa to tell the story about the four generations of artisans who founded the company – today a benchmark in the beauty industry both in Italy and internationally. The film, fresh from its first screening at the 74th Venice Film Festival, is a narrative of many stories in one: the story of a family with their suffering, such as the loss of their children or the expropriation of the company, the story of two wars that left deep scars on the business world and the story of the Veneto area.
“The idea” explains its director, Giancarlo Marinelli, “is to tell the Krüll family tale, from the ‘20s to the present day, through a brush. One that is always the same, that untangles, braids, is lost and found among the fine hairs of time. The storyline is fascinating: Hermann Krüll opened the factory in 1869, the management passed from father to son through highs and lows, until Elisa Gera Krüll, in true entrepreneurial spirit, took up the reins of Acca Kappa and has now decided to entrust her story into the hands of a director. It is about believing in the beauty of a history, one's own”. “Industry and cinema” comments Elisa Gera Krüll “are linked with twin ties. Industry builds, cinema narrates: in life there comes a time to look back and take stock. It has not been easy to retrace the more painful pages, but the evocative power of the images has been able to communicate more then words ever could”.

The actors who took part in the film: Fabio Sartor, Ivana Monti, Debora Caprioglio, Sergio Muniz, Giulia Pelliciari, Giacomo Vianello, Mirabella Kraemer, Elisa Gera Krüll and Virginia Favaro.