A focus on SUSTAINABILITY at this edition of Pitti Fragranze with the participation of an exceptional guest: the expert innovator Fabrice Leclerc.

Conference Room

In every sector people are talking about sustainability, a hot topic that is possibly rather abused. In the beauty industry, sustainability is still a very “young” topic, for this reason Pitti Fragranze no.15 has decided to dedicate a lot of attention to it through a series of special initiatives and talks.

The specialist and pioneer of innovation Fabrice Leclerc - entrepreneur and university professor at the Bocconi in Milan, who is collaborating with the United Nations’ ethical fashion team and companies like Google, Nespresso, L’Oréal and Alessi - will take a look at the new frontiers of sustainability in olfactory culture as well.  Leclerc will lead us naturally and simply into this territory, starting with some successful case histories in various areas, instigating and moderating a talk with special guests from the beauty and fragrance sectors in particular. Also at the center of his intervention will be the topic of the European Revolution, i.e. the movement towards a model of thought and production based on European culture, heading towards a contemporary Renaissance that opens the way for new models and practices of post-sustainability.

Leclerc will lead the round table "Ethic and sustainability in the niche perfumery" with the participation of special guests: Julian Bedel (Fueguia 1833), Lana Glazman (Vice President Corporate Innovation Estée Lauder Companies), Luc Carrière (Environment Manager - Sustainable Development Coordinator, MANE), Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis (Partner e CEO Susanne Kaufmann Kosmetik, Hotel Post Bezau) and Paolo Goi (Technical Director -  R&D & Innovation Director, Davines).  

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