Camille Belleguic, buyer, Fenwick (UK)
“This was my first time at Fragranze and I was favorably impressed by the fair.  The location is unique, the organization excellent and the general mood is really very positive. Fragranze offers an opportunity to meet lots of quality brands in a single occasion, a very targeted yet, at the same time, a very broad selection for a market that aims to offer fragrances especially created for the wearer.  Very useful for our research into products with their own essence, backstory and personality!”
Esmeralda de Fouw, managing director, Beauty Must Haves (Netherlands)
“I have been taking part in Pitti Fragranze for over ten years and at each edition the fair confirms its position as the sector’s European point of reference for high quality proposals, possibly even more so this year than at past editions.  There is a very professional atmosphere in terms of both the exhibitors as well as the clients.  Particular praise should be given to the organization which is always very efficient.  Also excellent was the APP tool for admission which was very useful for jumping the queue at the entrance!”
Giovanni Padovani, proprietor, Al sacro cuore (Italy)
“I am a long-standing buyer at Fragranze and I find this to be a decidedly superior event compared to many others in terms of the level and the quality of the products.  The Stazione Leopolda is an excellent location: atmospheric, historic and, above all, it matches the standard of the members of the trade.  I do not like to talk about niche perfumery; I would rather talk about experimentation.  It is within the brands that carry out research that we can find what represents us the most.  Sometimes it can even be just one brand in a fair of large proportions, and for us that is already a success”.
Wim Janssens, La Maison du Parfume (Belgium)
“This is my first time at Fragranze and the impression I got was decidedly positive.  The atmosphere is extraordinary.  There is a lot of creative energy, the context of the fair is unique and Florence is wonderful.  What I seek for my store - and found here - is the variety of products that belong to the “niche” category.  A mixture of better and lesser well-known fragrances that are similarly precious, somewhere between the classic and the contemporary.  For me it is essential to find a point of contact with the fragrance: my senses and my emotions need to be united with the story of the perfume and its true essence.  And I must say that here at Fragranze all this is possible.  Great quality that is never predictable”.
Tracy Tsefalas, proprietor, Fumerie (USA)

“What I appreciate about this fair is the opportunity to discover so many fragrances and meet innumerable talented noses, perfume creators and important distributors …the atmosphere here is incredible!  It is all very well organized, the Stazione Leopolda provides a unique setting and the set design of Fragranze is also very exciting.  Which trends did I notice?  Definitely the presence of fragrances with metallic harmonies, hints of musk and animal notes”.