"More Good. Less Bad". The invisible perception of Fragrances by Diego Soprana

A hypnotic and seductive journey that immerses the audience of Pitti Fragranze in a garden full of symbols and graphic elements. This is the essence of the advertising project of Pitti Fragranze 14, curated by the graphic designer and artistic director Diego Soprana to whom we asked more about his work and his creativity.
Here's what he told us:

Introduce yourself! Tell us three things about you that we didn’t know...
I am writing to you from Verona, where I live and work.
This is where, as Studio Fantastico, I work in the field of design and art direction, together with my partner and friend Enrico Grigoletti. Then I create illustrations and collages under my own name, Diego Soprana.
I like chilling out by working on musical projects, electronic music especially. 
Verona is quite a small city, allowing me to fly pretty much under the radar, but when working I’m usually in Milan. I also work all over Europe, above all with my collages.

Tell us about your work… what does the evocative power of the image mean to you and represent for you? 
I always imagined that I would end up doing a job like this, linked to image and relative design. I studied the classics at school and used to draw the whole time. Then I did specialist studies in art and image and from there it was luckily a short leap to design and art direction. 
I think this is a wonderful job, one that stops me from getting stuck in a rut, forcing me to constantly rethink each and every idea, making every move dynamic. This work gives me the chance to make something that communicates and sends a message, of any kind, even without the use of words. 
Tell us about the project for Pitti Fragranze, what gave you the idea for the campaign? Inspirations, theme, moods and ideas…
I have to say that when I started working on the Pitti Fragranze project, I thought of various ideas, mentally trying to give shape to something so rarefied.
I created a table made up of elements that characterised the ideal concept of fragrance, then proceeding to subtract the superfluous to end up with a representation of the essential. This is our daily work methodology, which has given us the motto for Studio Fantastico: "More good, less bad”.
What mainly inspires you in your everyday life? 
I really watch people, intensely I would say. What fascinates me is discovering the different ways they do things, even simple things, like folding a piece of paper or leafing through a magazine. Interaction and its different interpretations, with objects and everyday life, provide interesting inspiration. Then naturally, there is internet. I am starting to believe that inspiration for my kind of work is an excuse, a romantic way of saying “I’ve just had an idea”. Or on the contrary, when you haven’t had one, an easy way out.
And if we talk about fragrances… what springs to mind? What value does a perfume… a smell have for you? How would you illustrate a fragrance that has deep meaning for you?
I interpret the concept of fragrance in two directions. As a completion of the identity of a subject or as a detail that lends the right balance to a mood or an environment. In both cases, however, a sign of style and character. How I would illustrate a fragrance is a difficult question to answer. Inspiration generally comes to me from direct contact. I would have to feel it to be able to interpret it and give it the right shape; we talk of invisible perception precisely for this reason.