PITTI FRAGRANZE 14: the comments of the exhibitors

Roberto Drago, proprietor, KAON (Italy)
At every edition, taking part in Fragranze is a beautiful and important experience.  This rendezvous was very positive for us: we worked on contacts that we had had for some time and cultivated our relations with our clients.  I find the activities and fringe events increasingly interesting, like the talks organized at the Leopolda, and I believe that it is important to take advantage of their great usefulness in terms of information and business opportunities in order to attract even more qualified sector operators”.
Julian Bedel, proprietor, Fueguia (Argentina)
“For us this edition marks the start of a new chapter.  In fact it is the first year that we are taking part as a single brand, without the presence of a distributor, and it was a great edition.  For us it is extremely important to be present at Fragranze - an unmissable hub of business and public relations activities.  Our objective at Fragranze is to target the European market and here we met buyers from Italy, France, and Eastern Europe as well as from the Middle East.  We will definitely be coming back, possibly with a bigger stand!”
Celso Fadelli, President Intertrade Europe
“Pitti Fragranze has always been a valid occasion for meeting with our clients.  It is a moment to take stock of the trend of our business and its prospects, along with our agents.  Certainly the current economic situation resulted in a partial decrease in the presence of buyers from Russia and the Far East.  The fair reflects an expanding sector, that of “niche” perfumery, but with its own specific fragilities.  Pitti Fragranze has great potential and year after year it demonstrates its ability to renew itself”.
Kelsang Gonnot, proprietor, Astier de Villatte (France)
“This is the first time that we have taken part in Fragranze, ours is a young brand but we are very pleased with our participation.  We chose this fair because it is the best in the world of niche perfumery.  In addition to marking our entrance onto the Italian market, it has been a way to establish new relationships with lots of foreign countries, especially European ones.  Here I really appreciated the fact that you can make contact with large distributors as well as with small but historical and valuable boutiques.  This is essential for people like us who want to continue to be niche companies”.
Chad Murawczyk, Min New York (USA)

“It is undoubtedly important to be at Fragranze: it is an essential tool for presenting our microcosm and a unique event to which all perfume creators look forward. The fair has shown itself to be an excellent vehicle for enhancing our brand identity and facilitating relations with all users, from the buyers to the distributors.  What we appreciate most about the fair is the importance attributed to the creative side of the world of artistic perfumery.  A high qualitative level that needs to be preserved in order to keep sector standards high”.