The new fragrances dedicated to the most dreamt-of holiday destinations smell of summer.

BRUNO ACAMPORA PROFUMI - A light touch on the wrists and neck. That’s all. You only get a presence so subtle and just as persistent by selecting the most valuable components in their places of origin. And producing the essences according to tradition, bottle after bottle. This is the result of the journey through the senses that Bruno Acampora has been on for forty years. The longing for Africa, Saint Tropez and New York in the sixties. The disturbing perversion of Venice. Then Rio, the Caribbean, the Antilles. And India, China, Japan, always returning to his beloved Capri. There are eleven precious essences, with the arrival of the new Azzurro di Capri fragrance, a tribute to Summer and the Blue Island.
ARQUISTE - A perfume is a time capsule. In September 2016, ARQUISTE is presenting two new men’s and women’s fragrances: ÉL and ELLA, inspired by a sensual encounter in the Acapulco jet set of the late 70s. After a day spent on the beach, EL and ELLA meet in a nightclub and decide to go for a midnight swim, a heady embrace under the silver moon. ÉL is an animalic fougère, the manly sensation of a day in the sun, made more intense by the excitement of the night. ELLA is an animalic chypre revealing a magnetism that only a deep chypre fragrance is able to offer.
BEAUFORT LONDON - Citrus kisses, gunpowder, notes of leather-bound books... From a passion for the sea, for perfumes and for history comes Beaufort London, a collection of conceptual fragrances created to resonate with the British identity and challenge the limits of contemporary perfumery. Four fragrances make up the collection: Tonnerre, a fragrance as brazen as it is sophisticated in its composition; Coeur de Noir, inspired by poems about art and the sea; Vi et Armis, paradoxical, narcotic and full of contradictions, and the latest arrival, Lignum Vitae: a transcendental fragrance inspired by the innovative use of materials that enabled the watchmakers of the eighteenth century to build the first accurate marine chronometers.
CARNER BARCELONA - The CARNER BARCELONA perfume brand is a lifestyle that conveys the contemporary spirit of Barcelona. To love its Mediterranean soul, its history, its culture, its art and its design.
In 2016 comes the latest creation, Costarela. Costarela evokes that unique sensation of freedom that only contemplating the immensity of the open sea can give; a scent that captures the sea breeze of the Mediterranean and the salty, woody scent of old boats beached on the sand.
COLLECTION CROISIÈRE - Escaping, travelling against the current... With Collection Croisière, Pierre Guillaume, always mindful of its creative independence, has imagined a trip by boat, by plane, by bike or on foot, creating the same number of scents that evoke places starting from an olfactory emotion. The journey is therefore the central theme, together with the need to pluck up the courage to turn the page, to leave everything behind to embark on new roads... The Collection Croisière is not a limited edition for the summer, but a permanent range for all seasons. The collection unfolds in eight wonderful fragrances: Entre Ciel et Mer, Paris Seychelles, Jangala, Long Courrier, Mojito Chypre, Metal Hurlant, Rivages Noirs and Foudre. Escapist perfumes...
FLORIS - Floris is the oldest independent perfumery in the world, the only one with a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and managed today by the descendants of the founder. Everything is strictly made in England, but there exists an unexpected bond with Italy, and the Amalfi Coast in particular. Positano was the birthplace of a man who married Mary Floris, a member the Perfumer Family and who together with him wrote many pages of the brand’s history. Making a tribute to the breathtaking beauty of the Campanian village is the unisex eau de parfum Bergamotto di Positano, with a bubbly character and a hint of warmth that evokes the gentle breeze of Mediterranean evenings.
JACQUES ZOLTY - Perfumes that smell of freedom... Jacques Zolty, photographer and internationally-renowned model in the 70s, has spent his life exploring havens around the world: from the frenetic energy of the French Riviera to the contemplative calm of Thailand. After years of travel, one place has stolen his heart: Saint Barthélemy, a small island in the distant French Antilles. The years spent in this paradise inspired Jacques Zolty to create a line of fragrances able to represent the nature of Saint Barthélemy and the way of life that animates the island night and day. The flavour of the island and the sensations it aroused in him are wonderfully decanted into the six fragrances in the line.
PROFUMI DEL FORTE - A new look for the fragrance collection that pays tribute to the Versilia region. And so we find the introduction of a new cap that replaces the marble one used previously, while the bottle moves to the single format – Eau de Parfum 75 ml – with a simpler design, matching the new box. The collection has also had a makeover, while waiting for the launch of the new fragrance, which now focuses on a selection of eight iconic jus, a careful synthesis of the initial project. The Profumi del Forte exude an authentic, reserved elegance, the reflection of a unique way of life and full of charm. They recreate this special mood, modulating on the notes and counterpoints of the rich Versilian olfactory heritage, suspended between Mediterranean sweetness and bitter soul of the Apuan Alps.

SANTA EULALIA - The historic atelier/fashion boutique Santa Eulalia opened in 1843 in Barcelona. The first collection of fragrances, launched with Intertrade in 2014, is dedicated to its enthusiastic aficionados: globetrotters and fashion connoisseurs from around the world. The idea to enclose the fragrances in a designer treasure chest came from visual graphic designer Mario Eskenazi. The collection is an invitation to discover Barcelona, in which visual and aesthetic emotions flirt in harmony with olfactory suggestions. After Vesper comes Nectar, a cocktail of fruity essences, that smells of holidays. The setting for this experience is the Costa Brava, the charming blue coastline stretching from Barcelona to the French border. The surrounding natural forest smells of citrus fruits that cool the skin, softened by coconut and vanilla and with a spiced touch of saffron which ideally takes you back to a Latin American imagery.