We’ve collected a selection of comments from the buyers who participated in this show:
Rou Katagiri, General Manager Men’s & Sports Wear Division, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Japan
“This is my first time at Fragranze and I must say I was very impressed by the show. It’s a unique location, the organisation is excellent and the general mood was really positive. In Japan, the menswear market is just venturing into the world of fragrances and body care, but I think the situation will change radically over the next few years and we’re focusing strongly on expanding our spaces so we can devote plenty of attention to the sector. As part of this plan, Pitti Fragranze was an opportunity not to be missed: a chance to meet a lot of high quality brands all at the same time, with a selection that was highly targeted yet also broad-ranging. We’ll definitely be back for the next show. 
Subash L. Adwani, CEO and founder of P.F.I.U., Parfraindo Utama, Indonesia
I’ve been in the sector for 32 years, and I have 21 perfume shops in South East Asia. I’m an international distributor and a nose. I can definitely say I have experience and passion for this sector, and I can also say that Pitti Fragranze is an event that’s not to be missed, designed for a sophisticated market that seeks to offer products designed specifically for the person wearing them. That’s very useful for those of us looking for fragrances that have their own essence, a story behind them and – in a word – personality! At a time when artistic perfumery risks becoming a cliché, we’re looking for classics that will last, that will keep our customers’ loyalty, and that will make their mark. And I’ve found all of that here.
Rajesh Gosala, CEO of Bait Al Arab, Dubai
“One of my shops is inside one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, so I would say that the concept of luxury is fundamental for my scouting. This is my first time at Pitti Fragranze and it’s revealed to me a very high ideal of exclusiveness and product quality. There was a real atmosphere of synergy that was very exciting. I was happy to participate because this fair is a unique international setting and the organization is quite simply excellent. We were able to see new brands that I didn’t know before – some very interesting Italian brands, for example – and others that were already well-known to us. The show is very contained, too, so it makes it easy to get around and that’s definitely a big help to me in my work.”
Ornella Gambarini, Profumeria Gambarini, Novara
“I think I could call myself a classic Fragranze buyer. After an absence of two years, I’ve come back for this edition and I’ve found the show to be definitely superior to last time, both in terms of product quality and the sophistication of the exhibition. The fair is definitely an international benchmark for the sector, although quality and research is a constant work in progress, especially at a time like this when the way of thinking and spending of the clientele is changing radically. There’s a professional atmosphere at Fragranze both as regards the exhibitors and the clients. Plaudits should also go to the organisation, which is always very efficient.”
Nicole Dillon, ‎Buyer, Decorative Home & Little BG, Bergdorf & Goodman, New York
“This is my first time at Fragranze and my impressions are decidedly positive. There’s a remarkable atmosphere here. There’s a lot of creative energy, the setting for the show is unique and Florence is marvellous. What I’m looking for, for my store, is a mixture of fragrances both well-known and less well-known but of equally fine quality, classic and contemporary, with a focus on home fragrances. I’ve found really great quality, which you can’t always take for granted. If I could add just one thing: I’d definitely expand the home living section, which is an increasingly important element of our modern lifestyle.”
Adella Family, Buyer Couture & Fragrance, Selfridges, UK
“Pitti Fragranze is a fantastic show. There’s a very broad range of brands from around the world, within an elegant and unique setting. It may be the biggest show in terms of quality of all the shows I’ve been to. Careful scouting has brought to the fore emerging noses and valuable niche brands. And the organisation is really excellent, always ready to assist us in our work. I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to attend the talks in the conference area, but some of my colleagues told me that they were really interesting and offered new perspectives on the beauty sector. I’ll keep it in mind for the next time!”
Alan Glen Yann, Parfumerie Charriou, France
“Pitti Fragranze is a really interesting experience. I was very struck by the mix of brands that were familiar to me and complete novelties. What I appreciated at this show was the chance to discover so many fragrances and to meet so many talented noses, perfume creators and important distributors… the atmosphere at the show is incredible! And it’s all very well organized: the Stazione Leopolda setting is unique, and the set design at Fragranze is stunning.”
Samantha Schellhase, Buyer Beauty, THE KADEWE GROUP, Germany

“Pitti Fragranze is a really interesting show; it offers a complete range from all points of view: lots of brands caught my attention and I was very impressed with the extremely useful panels organized in the conference area. The location is really special, too, not just beautiful Florence, but also the old station where the event takes place. As buyers, I found we were given a very professional reception: they assisted us and gave us very useful information and guides so we could make the most of our work.”