Celso Fadelli, president and fragrance curator at Intertrade Group
“Pitti Fragranze is always a valuable opportunity to meet our clients: a time to take stock of our business’s performance and prospects. The event is a reflection of a sector that is expanding strongly, but that has its own particular weak points. We’re in a crucial phase for the whole market, which is showing a strong need for a new creative and artistic dimension in order to create that shopping experience that many people talk about but that retail outlets still do little or nothing to achieve. The market is asking a lot more of the products, and wants creative and consistent emotional content. And I must say in this respect, too, the show offers great potential and year after year it shows its ability to renew itself, and to capture moments of change.”
Luca Falchetti, founder and president of Essenses
“Participating in Fragranze is an important experience at every show. The overall results for this show have definitely been positive for us: we’ve worked on contacts that we had already had for some time and we cultivated relationships with our clients. We’ve seen buyers from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Russia and even from Japan, which made us realise that the Japanese market is finally opening up to the fragrances sector. We found it helpful that the event was closed to the public.”
Francisco Grataços, CEO of Carner Barcelona
“We can say that this edition has definitely been a very satisfying show. It is extremely important for us to be present at Fragranze, as it’s an essential hub of activity for business and public relations. We’ve seen regular clients and some new and interesting potential clients. Pitti Fragranze is a landmark show of international importance that operates at very high levels from all points of view, including the organisation, which is always top notch. We appreciated it being closed to the public: we find that’s necessary for us to be able to concentrate on business.”
Olivier Durbano, founder of Olivier Durbano, Grasse
“This Pitti Fragranze show was one of the best editions ever, in my opinion. The atmosphere was even more sophisticated and full of creativity than usual. I saw many Italian buyers, but also buyers from all over the world. For me, the show was a time to bring to fruition a year of creation and preparation. I’ve been launching my new creations at Pitti Fragranze for many years: that sums up its importance for my brand. In addition, I was very pleased with the reception, the organization, always impeccable, and the position of my stand.”
Miya Shinma, founder of Miya Shinma Parfums, Paris
“It’s been a pleasure to take part in Pitti Fragranze. The organisation was excellent and we also liked the layout of the interiors. This year we have identified a good number of potential buyers who are keeping pace with the market. The show proved to be an excellent platform for facilitating relationships with all users of the sector, from buyers to distributors, from Russia, Dubai, Spain, India, etc. We clinched a lot of deals and have met new potential clients. Pitti Fragranze is a unique event of its kind that’s eagerly awaited by all perfume creators.”
Paolo Roselli, CEO Paul Roses Distribution, Milan
“Attending Fragranze is definitely important: for us, it’s an essential means to reveal our microcosm, and it’s a unique event of its kind that all perfume creators look forward to. This edition of the show has again proved to be an excellent tool for reinforcing our brand identity and for facilitating relationships between all the users in the sector, from buyers to distributors. What we most appreciate about the show is the importance attributed to the creative side of the world of artistic perfumery. It is a high level of quality that must be preserved and cultivated, especially in the face of the great expansion of the “artistic” perfumery market, in order to maintain the high standards of the sector. We really appreciated the fact that the show was closed to the public: that definitely makes our job and that of the buyers much easier.”
Louison Libertin, founder of Technique Indiscrète, Paris
How would I sum up this edition of Fragranze in just one word? Perfect, from every point of view. Impeccable organisation, an atmosphere that’s both professional and creative at the same time. And plenty of business: I didn’t stop going for one minute! I met buyers from Switzerland and Eastern Europe; fewer Italian, perhaps, but it also depends on the type of products they’re interested in. I’m a nose and if I could suggest one thing, I’d say create a specific area just for noses, so we can present our work better.”
Saskia Havekes, founder of Grandiflora Fragrance, Sydney
“We had a wonderful first time at Pitti Fragranze. We did a lot of work and it was great to get so much interest from the press and the buyers. We started as a flower shop, and that may partly be why we attracted so much attention, because our business is quite unusual. We met lots of potential clients – and not only clients – from Switzerland, France, Russia, Italy, Dubai and India. It was really excellent, and I think we’ll definitely be back.”
Santi Burgas, founder of Santi Burgas, Milan
“This edition of Pitti Fragranze was a satisfying experience for me overall. We were very busy, especially on the Friday, and I’m happy with it. I was pleased that the show was closed to the public this time. Of course it can be useful to meet potential clients directly, but we’re here for business and it’s essential that we always stay focused.”