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A talk with Fabrice Leclerc

In every sector people are talking about sustainability, a hot topic that is possibly rather abused, often used more for marketing leverage than for making real changes.

In the beauty, cosmetics and perfumery industry, sustainability is still a very “young” topic, for this reason Pitti Fragranze no.15 has decided to dedicate a lot of attention to it through a series of special initiatives and talks.

A reflection that starts with a more general observation of the phenomenon, presented by people who have “invested” in sustainability in other sectors, changing in-house processes, influencing company culture, making choices that not only reflect a quality objective but a vision of the future. Today more than ever talking about sustainability means, above all, to innovate whilst looking to the future, with long-term objectives.

The specialist and pioneer of innovation Fabrice Leclerc - entrepreneur and university professor at the Bocconi in Milan, who has collaborated with the United Nations’ ethical fashion team and companies like Google, Nespresso, L’Oréal and Alessi - will take a look at the new frontiers of sustainability in olfactory culture as well. Leclerc will lead us naturally and simply into this territory, starting with some successful case histories in various areas, instigating and moderating a talk with special guests from the beauty and fragrance sectors in particular. Also at the center of his intervention will be the topic of the European Revolution, i.e. the movement towards a model of thought and production based on European culture, heading towards a contemporary Renaissance that opens the way for new models and practices of post-sustainability.
Fabrice Leclerc is an innovator & entrepreneur who believes that making life better is the reason why of any modern design. Over the last twenty years, Fabrice has pioneered innovation as a driving force of positive social & environmental evolution. He went from scooping Ice Cream to managing international food brands in 12 countries, becoming CEO at 36. With Alberto Alessi, the “Godfather of “the Italian Design” they invented the Big love Cup, today a cult design, the first to bring Haagen-Dazs into the design & experience realms. Fabrice received the Nielsen “best brand performance & creative strategy” award in Italy. He then founded the L’Oréal’s Prestige innovation lab. with its president Patricia Turck Paquelier to enhance the brand experiences for Kiehl’s, Armani & Diesel. Fabrice is the author of 2 tech. & sustainable breakthrough designed for Apple / Steve Jobs. He is the founder of the eternal valley, a biodiversity & elements sanctuary, granted by Patagonia / Yvon Chouinard as one of the leading project on the quest for natural health & longevity.
He partners with Google, Nespresso, as well as the United Nations’s ethical fashion team to support the rising generation of designers who forge sustainable collaborations with local artisans. He is the co founder with Julia Schuler and a mentor of the PLAY innovation hub of SKY TV. Fabrice is an Angel of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology, he mentors startUpers in the digital & sharing economy fields both in Switzerland & the Silicon Valley, California & partners with Yves Behar / Fuse project. He is a professor at the Master of Fashion Experience & Design at the Bocconi in Milan, HEC & guest speaker at the United Nations RIO Earth Summit, Caux, & TED.