Fragranze n.15: ​Ask me about sustainability!

From 8 to 10 September 2017, Florence is the rendezvous point for the world’s best artistic perfumery. At this edition a focus on SUSTAINABILITY: with special projects and talks focusing on the new frontiers of olfactory art

A new business model in the spirit of sustainability. A theme that is not yet widely diffused in the field of perfumery and cosmetics, but with great future potential, to which Pitti Fragranze no.15 will dedicate much attention and a vibrant series of special initiatives and talks.  
At the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, the guru of innovation Fabrice Leclerc – entrepreneur and university professor at the Bocconi in Milan, who has partnered with the United Nations’ ethical fashion team, and businesses like Google, Nespresso, L’Oréal and Alessi – will introduce the theme of a sustainability that is across-the-board in its rapport with the various contemporary lifestyle sectors.      
Plus, projects and talk-events will focus on the new frontiers of olfactory art, with an emphasis placed not only on the promotion of perfume, production quality, and lifestyles, but also on a smart & conscious business, with an innovative holistic vision.   
That’s not all: among the events is also the ETHICS AND SUSTAINABILITY in the Niche Perfumery round table, presented by Leclerc in collaboration with with MANE, the French firm and world leader in the creation of fragrances. Outstanding and key figures on the international fragrance scene will come together to discuss the best practices, similarities, and success-story case histories in a culture of sustainability. 
At Fragranze, will be protagonisti also RAW, the Pitti Fragranze project, together with MANE, dedicated to raw materials used in perfume-making, with a focus at this edition on exotic spices, and a special presentation curated by MANE.