Where does a fragrance start and where does it end?

The theme of Pitti Fragranze 2018

The physical perception of an impalpable object: a fragrance is invisible until it lies on the skin, expanding and revealing its shape. What shape does a fragrance have? Which are the spatial boundaries and the duration of a sensation, for a material that is devoid of consistency? These are the themes that inspired the concept of the new communication campaign by Fragranze and the new layout of the exhibition. The references to answer these questions are the works of some important artists, undisputed masters of spatialism artistic movement, who gave life to plastic reliefs and three-dimensional volumes created from a flat surface. But also the games of abstract lights, in which space is made a malleable surface, and lights and shadows create floating lines.
Utterly enigmatic and fascinating theme - born from a graphic project and experimentation of the designer Diego Soprana, staged at Stazione Leopolda by architect Alessandro Moradei -  developing through 9 key concepts and 9 letters, as those of the word FRAGRANZE.
F - as FORM
Form was the one and only starring-role player in every work of art until the nineteenth century, understood as something concrete and delimited, is then transformed by Impressionism into a nucleus of chiaroscuro dissolved in the atmospheric environment. A dynamic process makes it something evanescent in a painting that abandons the sign and builds with color. No more form but space and color, emptiness and matter.
The architectural relief, as a representation of three-dimensionality, is shown in the balance between light and shadow. The surface becomes a constantly evolving volume thanks to light, capable of modulating the perceived depth. 
Il rilievo, come rappresentazione della tridimensionalità, si mostra nell’equilibrio tra luce e ombra. La superficie diventa un volume in costante evoluzione grazie alla luce, capace di modulare la profondità percepita.
A - as AIR
Everything becomes possible in the air, even what is impalpable. Here the fragrance, invisible to the eye, is perceived and then fades away. The memory of perception remains.
G - as a GESTURE  
The perfume takes possession of our gestures, of the senses, of the unmistakable trail left to those who can perceive it. Because a scent does not last only for the time you wear it, it is an eternal link with our senses.
Rarefaction is the passage of light and shadow on the surface, a volume perceived only between light and dark. It lasts the time necessary for our eyes to make-out a shape, a volume, a clear cut invisible at a glance. They remain etched in the memory when they reveal themselves by deciding for themselves how long they last, how much to reveal themselves to the world.
The art magazine founded by the artists Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani in 1959. Only 2 numbers that contained theories about art and contributions by artists such as: Lucio Fontana, Agostino Bonalumi, Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and poems by Edoardo Sanguineti, Nanni Balestrini, Elio Pagliarani, Leo Paolazzi and others. Here King was responsible for the layout and the cover.
N - as NETTO
Netto in Italian, net, like the sharp cuts created by Lucio Fontana where the monochrome surface becomes a passage for a still unexplored mental space. They are openings towards new artistic concepts that are still not well understood and completely assimilated.
It is the continuous search for the truth. Pursued by the philosophers of ancient Greece aware, despite the continuous research, of never being able to reach the full truth.
The evanescence of the fragrances is able to bring back dreamy and sleepy memories. Strong and present, it becomes impalpable and elusive. The present that we live is evanescent by nature, making us imagine a future that is always a step ahead of us and always present.