Firenze - City of Fragrances

New for this edition, the events’ calendar dedicated to olfactory culture involving special venues in Florence with olfactory itineraries, contaminations and fragrant discoveries

This edition of Pitti Fragranze (14-16 September 2018) will host an even more intense schedule of special events and initiatives – coordinated by Pitti Immagine – involving various venues around the city of Florence, organized by the exhibitors at Fragranze and some of the protagonists of the world of perfumery and olfactory culture, food and lifestyle.  FIRENZE - CITTÀ DELLE FRAGRANZE-CITY OF FRAGRANCES is an enthralling olfactory itinerary that will wind its way through the museums, historic buildings and gardens of Florence, perfume boutiques, concept stores and starred restaurants, uniquely combining fragrances, history, art, fashion, literature, food and botany.

Here are some of the events already in the calendar:
Literary fragrances at Villa Bardini: perfumes and literature with Aldo Nove
(Villa Bardini - Costa S. Giorgio, 2)
The City of Fragrances also opens to literature, proposing the meeting "At the beginning was the perfume" with an exceptional guest as Aldo Nove, not only one of the most acclaimed Italian writers but also a great expert in fragrances. The event will be part of the Talk series at Villa Bardini, a series of meetings on the major contemporary themes promoted by the Fondazione CR Firenze, in collaboration with the Wimbledon Cultural Association and the Bardini and Peyron Monumental Parks Foundation.
Fragrances & Kids at the Bardini Garden 
Stories of perfumes and scents of stories - Smell stories of late summer (from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16, at 17:00 - Costa S. Giorgio, 2) A workshop for children aged 6 to 10 by Gabriele Pino and Oriana Picceni: have you ever tried to smell Snow White’s apple or the focaccia that Cappuccetto brings to her grandmother? And what perfume could the witch house of Hansel and Gretel have? Stories have a scent, but also perfumes can have their own story. For reservations (limited places)
Fragranze at Palazzo Pitti 
Tracce 2018 - Let yourself be guided by fashion... and by perfume
At the Museum of Fashion and Costume in Palazzo Pitti, on the occasion of the exhibition featuring fashion, art and travel curated by Caterina Chiarelli and Simonella Condemi, a special guided tour led by Elisabetta Invernici, in which works and fashion creations will be combined with perfumes and fragrances. 
Fragranze in the Boboli Gardens
Special opening of the Ananassi Garden 
A secret corner of the Boboli Gardens not normally open to the public, where, during the Renaissance period, tropical and exotic plants of various species from the New World were grown (Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September, Boboli Gardens).
The events from the brands participating at Pitti Fragranze include:
Olfattorio presents INFLORESCENT: event/installation and lecture by Nathalie Vinciguerra 
In addition to its prestigious brands at the Stazione Leopolda, Olfattorio showcases a series of installations dedicated to a select number of brands at Villa Favard, home of Polimoda, (from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 September); and in addition, on Friday 14 September, Polimoda will also host a themed guest lecture animated by the famous creative director Nathalie Vinciguerra.
Campomarzio70 new Essential Store Opening 
(Saturday 15 September 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm Via della Condotta 61/67)  
Campomarzio70 inaugurates the new Florentine Essential Store with an olfactory installation dedicated to vanilla and a special theme "Fragrance Bar". A sensorial experience that celebrates the union between taste, smell and sight, among flowers, olfactory bells and cocktails inspired by the most iconic fragrances that use this ingredient.
Hysteric Night Fever at the Profumeria Inglese
On Saturday 15 September (Via de’ Ginori, 2), an olfactory experience dedicated to presenting the latest creation by Laurent Mazzone Parfums in the “Hysteric” Gold Label line.
Filippo Sorcinelli Parfums special events
“Sinestesie dell’anima” (Synesthesia of the soul) by Filippo Sorcinelli Parfums 
(14 September, Basilica San Miniato al Monte – 9.00 p.m.)
A journey into the Spirituality that involves the five senses.  After handling the artistic direction of SYNESTHESIA – the first Italian festival dedicated to this phenomenon – Filippo Sorcinelli, the creator of UNUM Parfums, will direct his vocal octet Extrait de Musique connecting music and scent together with words and readings by Abbot Bernardo Francesco Gianni, on the dual occasion of Pitti Fragranze and the Millennium of San Miniato al Monte.
“But not today at Palazzo Capponi” by Filippo Sorcinelli Parfums
(15 September, Palazzo Capponi, via De’ Bardi, 36 – 7.00 p.m.)
The Palazzo which was initially destined for Niccolò da Uzzano and was finished in 1424 thanks to the generosity of the aristocratic Capponi family, will host the presentation of the latest creation by Filippo Sorcinelli for the UNUM collection.  Through the atmospheres and history of the Capponi family, in the rooms made famous by the film Hannibal (2001), directed by Ridley Scott, guests will be able to relive important moments from the movie starring Anthony Hopkins.  For the occasion the piano will be played in the large reception hall by Filippo Sorcinelli, with the participation of the soprano Giovanna Donini.  
Olivier Durbano - “Encens dans tous les Sens” by Société Anonyme
Saturday 15 September at the Société Anonyme concept store (Via Niccolini 3/f) will see the presentation of the new essences by the famous creator Olivier Durbano, with a DJ set, drinks and food. 
Farmacia SS. Annunziata with “Indovina la nota”
Friday 14 September is the date of an olfactory game to guess the notes of the fragrances proposed by the Farmacia SS. Annunziata pharmacy (Via Porta Rossa 43r).
Guided tours of the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella 
(from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16 - Via della Scala, 16) 
The venues involved in the “Florence - City of Fragranze” program could not fail to include the L’Officina di Santa Maria Novella, which since 1612 has continued its production following the craftsmanlike processes of the Dominican friars. During Fragranze, it will offer a series of guided tours for the public, both enthusiasts and not.
Essenze Straodinarie - Extraordinary Essences - Lorenzo Villoresi 
(from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 September, Via de' Bardi, 12)
The master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi will be opening up the doors of his world with special meetings and guided tastings of rare and precious aromatic plants in his exclusive boutique.
Fragranze & Food
A series of themed tastings, pairings and creative influences in Michelin-starred restaurants and places of reference for Florence’s culinary culture (from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 September): 
Antonio Alessandria for Obicà - discover the summer black truffle with the "truffle scents" menu. On September 15, Obicà meets the famous Sicilian perfumer Antonio Alessandria for an innovative sensory dinner "Profumi del Tartufo" in the historic court of Palazzo Tornabuoni, in Via de'Tornabuoni 16, presenting a menu inspired by the Summer Black Truffle, made in collaboration with Savitar Tartufi.
Alcoholic Vanilla @ Atrium Bar
At the Four Seasons Hotel Florence, the flavors and smells of vanilla blend with those of Mixologist Edoardo Sandri mixing in the striking setting of the Atrium Bar, with live music. Aperitif with à la carte menu and cocktail list selected during all three days of the event.
Vaniglia Emotion (Friday, September 14th at Konnubio restaurant)
An exclusive dinner, where the vanilla will be the trait d'union of the perfumed appointment. The chef Beatrice Segoni and the Sommelier Simone Loguercio, elected this year by the sommelier association Ais Migliore sommelier of Tuscany, have created for their customers a dinner that will be entirely dedicated to this divine essence. Four dishes will delight participating guests curated by the chef and his precious kitchen team, accompanied by precious Tuscan castle of Monsanto of the Tuscan castle of Monsanto.
The events of PrOOOfumo
During Fragranze, the Concept Store of OOO, the restaurant at The Student Hotel restaurant (Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 70) presents two unmissable events: on Friday 14 September “PrOOOfumo meets LA Bruket” and on Saturday 15 September “PrOOOfumo meets Timothy Han” and his perfumes, for an event that celebrates literature, smell and taste.
More among the events dedicated to Fragranze in the city:
Opening - Profumeria Aline (from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16, Profumeria Aline / The Estee Lauder, Piazza S. Giovanni 26r), in partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies, to experience a multisensory journey through the treatments offered by its beauty brands.     
#HelloHoney at Jo Malone London (Saturday 15 September, Jo Malone London Boutique, Via degli Speziali, 8), presentation of the new HoneySuckle & Davana Cologne in the exclusive boutique in Via degli Speziali.
Fragrance Designer: perfumer for a day at the Antica Erboristeria San Simone (Saturday 15 September, Via Ghibellina 190). Art, creativity and essences come together under the guidance of the Master Perfumer Fernanda Russo, who with her team will help guests create a unique perfume, specifically designed for each participant.
Intertrade presents “UNSCENT - Flavour, Taste & Savour” from Avery Perfume Gallery (from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16, Borgo degli Albizi 70r), a brand new format to identify and enhance the sense of smell in relation to all the other senses, with a multisensory tasting curated and led by food designer Paolo Barichella. 
Vranjes in “Florence Lily Masterclass” (Friday 14 September, presentation of the new Giglio room fragrance, created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the fashion house with a tribute to the lily, symbol of Florence since the eleventh century. 
Fragrance Designer: perfumer for a day at the Antica Erboristeria San Simone (Saturday 15 September, Via Ghibellina 190). Art, creativity and essences come together under the guidance of the Master Perfumer Fernanda Russo, who with her team will help guests create a unique perfume, specifically designed for each participant.
Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio: an artisanal laboratory of niche fragrances (Saturday 15 September, from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Via Magenta 6a red) Workshop in three stages: the first moment is dedicated to a recipe of a perfume from the 1400s name "Opera della Magnifica madonna Catarina da Forli and lady of Mola" written by Caterina Sforza Dè Medici; The second to the raw material of Sandalwood used in four fragrances; while the third will be a secret game. All participants will be given a small gift.
Norcia Studio / Coexist – Dj Set, Aria, spazio, fragranze (Friday, September 14th from 8pm at Coexist store in Piazza Nazario Sauro 22r) Coexist store presents DJ sets, drinks and food in line with the fragrances of the brands proposed by Norcia Studio, Le Galion, Technique Indiscrete, Élisire, Legart, Sûrface and Fabio Lo coco which will be distributed in Italian exclusive.