Laura Bosetti Tonatto talks about herself at Fragranze

To wear a perfume absolutely means to define your own identity, character and charisma. It speaks about us more deeply than clothing. Laura Bosetti Tonatto of Essenzialmente Laura tells us about herself in the first episode of Sine Cera, the innovative video project with which Pitti Fragranze aims to exalt the identity, naturalness and truth of its protagonists. Sine cera is the trait of real sculptors, of those who mold and give life to matter with no need for artefacts. Sine cera is the truth about ourselves, the knowing and valorizing of oneself. So here is a series of videos made by Pitti Immagine that follows a dual ideal and production theme: in the words delivered by the true voice of producers and in the images entrusted to the plastic sequences of details of the body. True, real and beautiful thanks to quality products that “limit” themselves to exalting each person’s characteristic natural beauty.