Spring focus on new talents

Spring is the area of Fragranze reserved for new names, fragrance lines recently launched on the market and the first appointment with the international public, selected by Pitti Immagine to intercept the needs of the most research-conscious buyers.
Lots of new proposals will characterize this edition: the olfactive travel diary of Aqua dos Açores Atlantic Ocean, with its sensorial tale of one of the most beautiful places in the world where history, nature, and perfumes merge together; the colors and appeal of Piedmont’s nature expressed in Acqua delle Langhe; the artisanal know-how and contemporary vision of the French perfumery Atelier Materi; the refined Bohoboco Perfume collection, which plays around with the harmonies between taste, art, and smell; the essence of the Empordà wilderness of northeastern Spain expressed in the fragrances of Bravanariz, and the perfumes crafted by hand in the English countryside of Prosody London.
Plus: the symbols of rock and roll, pop and underground culture told by Coreterno; the animal attitude interpreted with velvety elegance in Under The Skin by Francesca Bianchi; the core-perfumery concept of Mésonsol, where every fragrance is based on a primary element or bouquet, around which the other essences revolve; the vitality of the plants originating in the thousand-year old forests of the National Park of Abruzzo reproduced in the perfumes of Parco 1923; the collections of a pioneer among the luxury fragrances maisons committed to social issues like Sana Jardin; the merging of art, fashion, and Milan urban culture in the new experience label of Step Aboard; and the 100% natural ingredients of the independent Berlin brand AER Scents.