Here are the brands that will present a fragrance dedicated to wood in September

introduces the special Azul, where floral notes blend with sage and grey amber with oceanic winds on the wood of antique sailing ships that have been saturated with salt and the water of past storms. Striking images of black volcanic rock dive into an incredibly deep blue ocean.

celebrates woody notes with Bosc, inspired by the deep sensations conveyed by the Alt Empordà woodlands. The richness of undergrowth combines with oaks, holm oaks, juniper, beech trees and pine trees that complete the aromatic cocktail with their resinous tears and the freshness of their needles.

introduces Rausch, an exciting and sensual fragrance that calls forth the legendary nightlife of the German capital. Cypriol, patchouli and perfumed vanilla bean oil provide a warm and woodsy heart note to Rausch.

is the voice of an ancient history, made up by thousand-year old woods and magical plants. Meticulous research onto the perfect olfactory blending of plant life growing in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise gives rise to a special essence that sinks its roots into the history of centuries-old places.

PEKJI with Odoon
derived from the Turkish word for wood – presents an ode to wood that becomes the protagonist and central element of its fragrance: ash, cedar, lignum vita, musk, oak, pepper, pine, resin, sandalwood, and vanilla.

helps to discover a sanctuary of comfort in Sandalwood Temple, a penetrating and profound sensorial embrace. The mystical and welcoming depths of sandalwood essence from Eastern India, cedar oil and Haitian vetiver oil.

announces a new feminine Florentine Renaissance, which decides to exalt the element of wood in two special home fragrances: Incenso Imperiale and Oro, a fragrance characterized by the aromatic power of Madagascar black pepper.

exalts fashion as a product through the design philosophy of Matthew Miller, with top notes in accords of peach, cardamom oil, bucchu oil, and cassis flower, followed by middle notes of nutmeg oil, bay leaf oil, incense oil, and rawhide, alongside smoky notes.

arrives with the perfume Buddha Wood, a bona fide journey towards a meditative state inspired by ZEN, while enveloping with its pure woody notes of Buddha-wood and Australian sandalwood. The woody aromatic fragrance reveals its harmonious palette on a molecular level.