More than 10 years of research and collaboration with the very best dermatologists have led Erica Chung to develop an anti-age line of products that contains the first bio-engineered human growth hormone in the world: Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex. Chung was also the first to introduce Apple Stem Cell Technology for skin care, which uses the stem cells of rare Uttweiler Spätlauber apples that are rich in phytonutrients and active cells.



A new collection of perfumes designed to emotionally awaken the mind, heart, and spirit. Between science and nature, each scent invites you to undertake a journey of the mind: from Bliss in Bali to Wood of Life and Rose Prana. In collaboration with independent suppliers and farmers from around the world, all the creations are developed using a sustainable approach.



Ella K is the new brand created by the famous nose Sonia Constant and is dedicated to her two passions for travel and fragrances. A tribute to the most adventuresome women of all time and from around the world, translated in a unisex collection of extraordinary olfactory memories: like Baiser de Florence, which recalls the incense of churches, the irises of the hills, but also the scent of antique stone in Florence.



After an initial stint as a model, at just 20 years of age, Edward Bess created his first line of lipsticks. "The lip wardrobe", ten lipsticks and five lip-glosses presented in an elegant box. Edward then expanded the collection, introducing eye makeup and face products as well as a line of skincare and haircare products. “Less is more” is the motto of the brand, appreciated and followed by a long list of celebrities.



A London Fragrance House founded by Nick Steward, Gallivant stands for urban exploration. It picks upon the vibes of the world’s hottest metropolitan destinations. ISTANBUL, created with Karine Chevallier is an amber-tinged, woody, spicy scent: where two continents and two cultures meet. It has a fresh and aromatic opening with notes of bergamot, cardamom and red thyme. This segues into a woody heart and then a base of sandalwood, vanilla, Tonka bean and other precious ingredients.



Created in 1885, Les Bains Guerbois quickly became the Parisian temple of beauty, where writers and artists like Manet, Proust, and Renoir would meet. In 1978, the landmark underwent a transformation into one of the most famous international nightclubs, and then, in 2015, it became a 5-star hotel. In 2016, Jean-Pierre Marois reinvented Les Bains Guerbois by launching a first signature Cologne and a perfumed candle.


Pharmaceutical expertise joins forces with grandmother’s home remedies. A line of treatments scented by Neroli and composed of anti-age Crème Sensationnelle face cream, anti-aging replenishing serum Élixir Bonheur, the Sève Divine de Dattes radiance mask, the gentle polyphenol exfoliator Pépite de la Palmeraie, the water-based makeup remover Pure Merveille d’Aloe Véra and the nourishing balm Secret Nomade.



Alberto Morillas, Maître Parfumeur and author of unforgettable pages in Modern Perfumery entrusts Calé with the distribution of Mizensir, his most intimate and private creation. An essence of complete expressive freedom, without limits or conditions, told by perfumes and scented candles taking their inspiration from his memories, trips, and unforgettable encounters. Among the places imprinted in his memory is the garden of his youth in Andalusia, where he felt the first stirrings of his vocation for perfumes.


Inspired by the ancient tradition of incense and spice commerce in Oman, Omanluxury tells a one-of-a-kind story. Every bottle reflects the elegance of olfactory creations: Rosa Ristretto, Bois De Fouet and Boswellia Sacra. In particular, the first is a rich blend of Damask rose, Taif rose, bergamot, and patchouli, from which the sweet combination of vanilla, caramel, and bourbon notes, emerge, sealed by a base note of coffee.


Michel Almairac, the master perfumer behind the olfactory identity of so many great fashion houses (from Dior to Burberry, from Chloé to Bottega Veneta), is now the exclusive nose for Parle Moi de Parfums. From its lab in the heart of Paris, Parle Moi presents a collection of 10 fragrances, which explore the great classic ingredients in a contemporary way. From vanilla to rose, iris and neroli.


Formulated specifically for men, a special line of anti-aging products that combine the luxury of feminine beauty creams and a fresh and essential design close to the male world. Dedicated to the active life of contemporary man, this line also includes a series of vitamins and food supplements.


A refined collection of fragrances born from the inspiration of fashion designers Kamil Owczarek and Michal Gilbert Lach. The first creation, born from the contrast between notes of vanilla and pepper, influences an entire line that plays with the assonances between taste, art and smell.


The scented cosmetics line with natural Sicilian essences – orange, lemon, almond, and orange blossom – Ciatu, does not test its products on animals and ensures they are manufactured with maximum respect for the environment. Olive oil is the leading ingredient in all its products. Elegant packaging is characterized by lively illustrations created exclusively by Sicilian artists, who design archeological findings and works of art belonging to the island’s cultural heritage.



A journey through the intimate plots of the soul. A union between interiority and style that gives fragrances able to talk about us. A sartorial collection that goes beyond the boundaries of the genre and points straight to the soul.


the first Maison de Parfum to be inspired by the five elements of Feng Shui: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal. Using rare botanical oils meant to instill energetic power, a collection of ten elixirs leads to a wonderful equilibrium in specific areas of our lives: Status, Wisdom, Socialization, Creativity, Prosperity, and Seduction.

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