The brand zeromolecole torino

is called so “because a scent has no body, but it exists. It doesn’t exist when it is created, because it is created with the heart, then with the mind and it is only at the end that this emotion becomes liquid and tangible. It is not possible to see it, even when it is present”. 

The number of drops of scent that Marilyn Monroe wore as pyjamas

A number that conceals the passion, or near obsession, that Coco Chanel had for numerology. Five like the fifth fragrance that nose Ernest Beaux had her smell and that then became the famous perfume. Five like the date chosen for each of her runway shows and all the references present in her private apartment. 

Like “Eight&Bob”. The 1930s story that starred Parisian nose Albert Fouquet and JFK has the scent of a legend. The two met at a party on the Cote D’Azur and Albert, who was showing off the scents he had created together with his butler Philippe, made a lasting impression on Kennedy’s sense of smell with his refined fragrance; the next day he gave him a bottle of the scent and when he returned to the US, JFK wrote to his friend, thanking him and asking him for “eight samples, and if the production allows it, another one for Bob”. And this is the reason for the name “Eight&Bob”, written on the bottles. 

The iconic fragrances chosen by Chandler Burr – writer, perfume critic and one of the world greatest experts of fragrances, curator of the Department of Olfactory Art in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York – for the olfactory catalogue of the exhibition “The Art of Scent: 1889-2012”.
Romanticism. Jicky 1889 Aimé Guerlain
Abstract Expressionism. L’Interdit 1957 Francis Fabron
Early American School. Aromatics Elixir 1971 Bernard Chant
Industrialism. Drakkar Noir 1982 Pierre Wargnye
Surrealism. Angel 1992 Olivier Cresp
Minimalism. L’Eau d’Issey 1992 Jacques Cavallier
Photo Realism. Pleasures 1995 Annie Buzantian, Alberto Morillas
Kinetic Sculpture. Light Blue 2001 Olivier Cresp
Neo-Romanticism. Prada Amber 2004 Carlos Benaïm, Max Gavarry, Clément Gavarry
Luminism. Osmanthe Yunnan 2006 Jean-Claude Ellena



Post-Brutalism. Untitled 2010 Daniela Andrier 

This is the number of editions of Pitti Fragrances. In the areas of Stazione Leopolda, an exceptional observatory of the world of perfume: the most exclusive essences with their excellent artisanal quality, new products for beauty and wellness, but also cosmetic products and sophisticated accessories, proposed by 270 of the best brands on the international perfume scene. 

Creating a scandal and playing around with double entendres is in the DNA of Etienne de Swardt

Etat Libre d’Orange continues his crusade against olfactory respectability with Archives69 – The Illusion of Sex (2011), a creation that takes its name from the Parisian address of the maison and, ça va sans dire, plays with the ambiguous symbology of the street number. 

The billions of euro made by the fragrance industry in the EU (source IFRA)

The number of certified perfumeries in the world

This is the cost in dollars of Guerlain Coque d’Or. The creation of the bow-shaped bottle dates back to the early 1900s, when it was designed by Baccarat. Its notes of bergamot, aniseed and lavender with base notes of vetiver, patchouli and vanilla constitute a blend that is considered inebriating. 

In the 1930s, each bottle of Joy by Jean Patou contained a bouquet of 330 roses combined with 10,600 jasmine flowers from Grasse, exceeding Chanel N° 5, not only in the quantity of flowers per single bottle but also in terms of the price. 

Is the number of tonnes of rose petals that Grasse processed annually following the Second World War. Back then, the exceptional Centifolia Rosa of Grasse formed the basis of the entire French perfumery industry. Today in Grasse the roses are cultivated for three perfume houses alone: Chanel, Jean Patou and Christian Dior. The other brands use less expensive roses from Bulgaria, Morocco, India, Turkey, Iran, China and Russia. 

The first note to inspire the Reminiscence maison (1970), Patchouli is acknowledged as a legendary perfume. And indeed, the sensation of sensual Bohemian liberty it provides makes it the scent of a generation. A delicate blend of Patchouli from the Java Island with essential oils of Virginia Cedar, Australian Sandalwood and Vetiver from Haiti. Patchouli releases a surprising, ambergris, gourmand note. The epitome of the spirit of Reminiscence. 

or 3 are the number of times a year in which the leaves of the patchouli herb are harvested and dried for the distillation of the oil. It belongs to the same family as mint, but its scent is more multi-faceted. Its intense accent, which recalls the strength of woods and the depth of balms, has made it a very popular ingredient among master perfume-makers, who also adore it for its fixative properties.