Clement Gavarry
Olfactive Studio
Trellick Tower, London
Ernő Goldfinger


Architect Ernő Goldfinger’s Trellick Tower in London is one of the paradigmatic examples of Brutalism, a style that operates on the same principle as the writing of Edgar Allen Poe or Cormac McCarthy: There is, for certain people, pleasure to be had in experiencing horror. 
Clement Gavarry was commissioned by Olfactive Studio to produce a work of Brutalism, and Gavarry and Goldfinger achieve a similar effect. “Panorama” is indeed brutal, intentionally, assiduously, unambiguously, and that is precisely the beauty to be found in it. There are works that are instantly lovely and seduce with this loveliness. They need little effort, and one tires of them. To love “Panorama” requires commitment, time, and courage. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you aware of a different kind of beauty.

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