Rubj Eau de parfum
Vero Profumo


The Carpet Merchant
Jean Leon Gerome
Oil on canvas
Minneapolis Institute of Arts


Romanticism, in painting, literature, music, or scent, has always sought to present a heightened reality. Unlike Photo Realism, however, Romanticism does not pretend it is showing the natural world. Vero Kern’s “Rubj” and Jean Leon Gerome’s “The Carpet Merchant” both subscribe to the Romantic aesthetic of rejecting rationality and intellect and diving into emotion, mystery, and raw beauty.
Kern and Gerome seek to overwhelm, to fill up the senses. Gerome’s colors saturate the eye and Kern’s, the nose. The richness is transporting, and the two works transcend the real worlds of sight and scent.

Distributed by:  CAMPOMARZIO70