Digital Art

Frank Voelkl
Karl Bradl and Carlos Quintana, Nomenclature
Ben Heine


Digital Art is a style—or perhaps an idea—that simultaneously seems ridiculously obvious and/or inexorable—digital art is any art centrally using digital technology, which means virtually every kind of creative or communication technology today—and is in fact arguably the most controversial kind of art ever created, one that can still make (some) traditionalists hysterical, the “death of art” and so on. Ben Heine created his astonishing digital painting of Eminem with his complex digital circlist technique. It is no less a legitimate art technique than Turner’s or Bach’s in painting and music.
In scent of course the advent of digital art has, mostly due to marketing aimed at the lowest IQs, created the same controversy/hysteria. Bradl and Quintana’s new collection is a commentary on this in the form of works of scent art themselves; indeed Nomenclature’s frames (its bottles) and design are overtly chemistry-oriented. Artist Frank Voelkl’s ad­r­­_ett is built, brilliantly, on a synthetic molecule called Helvetolide. There is no need, in this particular case, to describe the work. You can smell it for yourself. That adr_rett is a masterful work of digital art in the medium of scent is, on the other hand, indisputable.

Distributed by:  ESSENSES SRL