Ten brands of excellence, ten stories of fragrances

In occasion of Fragranze 10 Pitti Immagine will present the online format on the notes of the best artistic perfumery. A special perfumed tour to discover ten brands that have made ​​their mark in the world of artistic perfumery: the story, creators, noses and the founders of the most exclusive, bespoke perfumes and top quality artisan essences.

Aedes De Venustas

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François Duquesne, Art Director and President

Aedes De Venustas is an olfactory Art Gallery and launches its first fragrance that honours perfumery past, present and future. A fragrance of radical, baroque and futuristic built, which reflects the magic and opulent spirit of the boutique-boudoir. The building itself reflects the composition and highlights the creative and unconventional approach of Aedes De Venustas and Bertrand Duchaufour, the creator of the perfume. The first fragrance of a series will be impossible to forget.




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Niclas Lydeen and Christine Gustafsson, Art Director and Nooses of the Brand

Six unisex fragrances, made from 100% natural essences inspired by the climate and culture of Northern Europe in which design and purity, combine, each one characterised by the chord of unique essences, designed in close cooperation with renowned perfumers. The outcome of their meticulous work is enclosed in sculptures, unique pieces created exclusively by Åsa Jungnelius, award-winning designer of the glass by Kosta Boda, the famous Swedish art glassware. Artic Jade, Black Amber, Liquid Christal, Onyx Pearl, The Infidels, and Vanilla Marble, the six pillars of scented crystal on which the excellence of Agonist rests on, are now presented in a new bottle that reinterprets the minimalist glass line up with simple classicality.


Atelier Cologne

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Andrea Valdo, CEO

Atelier Cologne is the first perfume house entirely dedicated to cologne. It was created from of the encounter between Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel and their shared love for the legendary classic of perfumery. Together they fulfilled their dream of creating colognes of character, creating a new type of fragrances: the Colognes Absolues. These highly concentrated formulas maintain the peculiar characteristic of the classical cologne, the freshness, but you wear them as eau de parfum for their lingering trail of a scent. The result is a collection of 6 Colognes Absolues: Orange Sanguine, Grand Néroli, Bois Blonds, Trèfle Pur, Oolang Infini, Vanille Incensée. Ambre Nue has now been added to this collection, a delicate and enveloping fragrance inspired by a rare mountain flower that captures the wildest and heady amber bouquet. 


Silvio Levi, President

Precious ingredients, craftsmanship, recipes handed down from father to son since 1760, seven generations of master perfumers today represented by the brilliant Olivier and the young Erwin make Creed fragrances objects of worship. This confirms the intuition of the Empress Eugenie of France so fascinated by the creations of Creed to invite in 1854 the illustrious family of Nasi to relocate their activity from London to Paris, just steps away from the luxurious palace of Fontainebleau. A 2012 novelty, a noble tribute to Italy and Florence: the vintage Acqua Fiorentina, which celebrates the protagonist city in the author perfume. Now synonym for lightness, Creed calls “Acqua” a persistent and harmonious fragrance, a bright and exuberant nectar. The bitterness of the plum and the sweetness of the rose stand out from a floral and fruity soul, resting on a base of woods and citrus.




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Giovanni Gaidano, President

Founded in 1961 by Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coueslant, Diptyque shows and distributes their own fabric creations, designed by the founders. In 1963 they became the first perfumers creating scented candles, in 1968 the first eau de toilette “Eau”. Today, the wide range of candles furnishing scents is mythical. Volutes, the new fragrance, is a true sensory journey that reconstructs the impressions of a voyage by ship from Marseilles to Saigon. The dominant elements are wisps of smoke and tobacco: smoking plumes from the smokestacks of the liner, trails of foam, wisps of silk and muslin, and above all, fascinating Egyptian cigarette smoke 


Erno Laszlo

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Andrea Catalani, General Manager

Recognized as one who has revolutionized the way we take care of our skin, Dr. Erno Laszlo has assured success by formulating a series of advanced principles that inspired and still inspires many well-known preparations and products. Celebrated by the Hollywood star system, Erno Laszlo has worked closely with many international stars such as Marilyn Monroe, who have entrusted their skin care to customized programs and products designed for their specific needs. Erno Laszlo’s reputation is based on promises kept over 85 years, with constant visible and tangible results for ageless skin.


Fueguia 1883 Patagonia

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Julian Bedel, Art Director and Founder

Fueguia 1833 is a sophisticated fragrance laboratory created from the union of European and South American traditions. It is the DNA of the brand to create exotic fragrances that reflect the diversity of the natural treasures of South America. It pays particular attention to species cultivated by the natives in order to extract the rarest essences. Sustainability and naturalness are the pillars of this company founded in 2010 by Julian Bedel e Amalia Amoedo. The company takes its name from Fueguia Basket, a native of Terra del Fuego, encountered by both Charles Darwin and Robert Fitz Roy during the trip that inspired the theory of the Origin of Species.


Laboratorio Olfattivo

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Roberto Drago, Founder and Art Director

The Laboratory as a forge of talents, international noses and promising young people working together on the project, an international creative group for an Italian brand. The collection rises from the desire to revive the forgotten and unusual scents, handmade fragrances made with care and enthusiasm to seal the special moments. Eight liquid evocations converted in Eau de Parfums, created to instil the magic of perfume. Laboratorio Olfattivo is also Ambiente, a line created to personalise your experience: twelve fragrances which has become pomanders and a new spray version.


Memo Paris

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Isella Marzochi, Press Office and PR


Memo represents the bet, made for fun, by Clara Molloy, who has chosen to pay homage to her passion for travelling, poetry and art through a collection of fragrances creating an olfactory map of the world, between delight and imagination. Each fragrance is a treasure hunt that stimulates the ability to dream through the evocation of childhood and the desire for adventure. At Fragranze 2012 Memo is presenting its final destinations, where the bohemian spirit of the Ville Lumière is captured in a precious bottle. 



Neela Vermeire Creations Paris

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Neela de Vermeire, Art Director and Owner

A story about love for India divided into three scented chapters. Neela Vermeire, who lives and works in Paris, inspired by the memories of her childhood and the charm of ancestral history, created the first trio of fragrances dedicated to India, her homeland. In collaboration with the French perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, fragrances rich in natural Oudh, rose and jasmine essential oil, true Mysore sandal wood and other flowers and spices in a concentration higher with respect to traditional methods are made. The perfumes are a tribute to three different eras of Indian history spanning thousands of years: from the quiet spirituality of ancestral India to the lush cultural and architectural testimonials of court life during the period of Mughal and British colonisation, to the frenzy of modern Mumbai.




Foto a cura di Claudio Bonoldi Studio