Sine Cera is something close to authenticity.

Olivier Durbano, Poems Stones


I consider my work to be an artistic process, a creation, a passion. Sine Cera is a work on ourselves, on identity: to be ourselves, authentic.

Sine Cera means being free to express our true essence. 
Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, Sana Jardin

As women we have forgotten the power we have. Perfume reminds us of our strength. 

Sine Cera means knowing who you are. 
Pissara Umavijani, Dusita Paris

First of all you have to be true to yourself, you have to know who you are and then you can be true to other people and express the world. 

Sine Cera is naturalness.
Ernesto Collado, Bravanariz

For me naturalness is the best artist that exists. There is no better illuminator than the sun, the best tree builder. Naturalness is indisputable. 

Sine Cera means knowing how to be
coherent, transparent, honest. 
Laura Bosetti Tonatto, Essenzialmente Laura

To wear a perfume absolutely means to define one’s identity, one’s own character and charisma. 

In a world that increasingly forces us to search for perfection, Pitti Fragranze chooses the exaltation of identity. Of naturalness. Of truth. And presents Sine Cera, a video project that is developed as a dual transposition of this sincerity: in the words, entrusted to the true voice of the producers and in the images, entrusted to the details of their bodies. True, real and beautiful thanks to quality products that limit themselves to exalting the characteristic natural beauty of each one of us. Sine Cera is the characteristic of true sculptors. Of the people who shape and give life to matter without the need for artefacts. Sine Cera is the truth of oneself. Of knowing and valorizing oneself. Sine Cera is sincerity. 

Sine Cera is… Nothing more but more than enough.
Jenni Tuominen, Muse & Heroine

Being truly in the moment, feeling oneself filled with strength yet delicate at the same time. 



Wear only your true nature