A collection that embraces the mind, reawakening the senses. The galvanised platinum packaging gives the bottles a jewellery feel. In synergy with Alyson Oldoini, famous perfumers have interpreted a sensorial journey worth following.

Antonio Alessandria

Antonio Alessandria, an independent Sicilian perfumer, presents his seventh fragrance: Fàra. He takes his inspiration from the summer months in Sicily, when solace from the heat is sought in drinks made with soda water, lemon juice, mint and salt. But thirst drives us to drink greedily and the drink evaporates, mixing with the scent of hot skin.


An immersion in the brightly coloured streets of Lisbon: this is Benamor, an artisanal collection of beauty formulas for the skin founded in 1925. Each product is linked to the Lusitanian capital: from the Jacarandá line, a tribute to the lilac flowers of the tree-lined avenues, to the dedication to Queen Amélie, an admirer of the brand. Benamor stems from the creative flair of a pharmacist committed to creating miraculous lotions for women in high society.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique

In 1974, Pierre and Josèe Fournier, travellers and lovers of Polynesia, began their adventure in the world of essences by importing Tahitian Monoi into Europe and creating a line of exotic fragrances. Comptoir Sud Pacifique is an invitation to travel: a ray of sunlight that filters through white shutters, palm trees caressed by the trade winds, lagoons suspended over the ocean.

Ella K Parfums

Ella K is the new brand from the famous nose Sonia Constant, dedicated to her passions, travel and fragrances. A tribute to adventurous women from all eras, translated into a unisex collection of extraordinary olfactory memories: like Baiser de Florence which recalls the incense of Florence’s churches, the irises of its hills but also the smell of its ancient stone.


Flumen started out with the idea of using a clever combination of notes to express the most hidden and authentic feelings, on a quest for a sophisticated form of communication between emotions. Complex combinations of notes, to conjure up feelings, moods and intimate personality portraits.

Fort And Manle

Fort and Manle is an independent artisan fragrance company based in Melbourne. The brand philosophy is to create an individualist, eclectic, luxury fragrance. Fort and Manle was founded by Rasei Fort, who meticulously blends artisan oils, extracts and the finest oud that exists in the world to take people on an olfactory journey to the most exotic locations.

Ideo Parfumeurs

Ludmila and Antoine Bitar met in Paris. After their marriage, they decided in 2012 to settle in Beirut, the birthplace of Antoine, to set up Ideo Parfumeurs. Ideo Parfumeurs is founded on the creative energy of the city of Beirut and its contradictions, producing fragrances that are both elegant and rebellious. The brand’s creations are developed as fragrances for the body and for lingerie and as scented candles.

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Founded in 1856 in Berlin by J.F. Schwarzlose, a fragrance house that boasts historic clientele of the calibre of the royal courts of Prussia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 2012, the brand was relaunched, presenting a collection of exclusive perfumes where tradition meets modernity, dedicated to the city of Berlin.

Laboratorio Olfattivo

A project that works on pure creativity in which Roberto Drago, creative director, brings together the energies of the most eclectic noses of the moment, calling upon them to make use of their artistic skills to produce fragrances in total freedom. The input comes from the need to tell a story, to express a memory, a journey, a feeling.


Alberto Morillas, creator of unforgettable pages of Modern Perfumery, entrusts Calé with the distribution of Mizensir, his most intimate and private creation. A distillate of total expressive freedom, told through perfumes and candles, which draws inspiration from his memories, travels and memorable encounters. One of the indelible places, the Andalusian garden of his childhood.

Pierre Guillaume - Collection Croisière

Escaping, travelling against the current. With Collection Croisière, Pierre Guillaume has imagined a journey by boat, plane, motorbike or on foot, creating a fragrance that evokes places, starting with an olfactory emotion. Travel is the central theme and is linked to the courage to turn the page, to move away from “single subject” compositions and celebrate movement.

Stéphanie de Bruijn

Known in the artistic perfumery world for the fragrances “sur mesure” created in the small workshop in the heart of Saint Germain, Stéphanie presents ten creations that express her delicate and personal signature but also her passion for travel. An exquisitely French attitude, elegant and sophisticated, with a touch of Parisian red.

Widian Aj Arabia

Hili is a new fragrance dedicated to the floral gardens of the historic Hili, where the first signs of civilisation were found in the Abu Dhabi area. Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Coriander, Cinnamon: a floral, powdery and sensual fragrance that falls into the oriental spicy category. With a delicate, mysterious soul, inspired by the royal tradition of garden flowers.

The passion for travel becomes an olfactory journey, the common thread of many creations seen at Pitti Fragranze n.16. Journeys whether dreamy or real, physical or sensory, in time or in spirit: above all an ode to travel understood as a fundamental life experience. And there’s more, passionate revivals of scents that bring back memories of beloved places. Keeping in mind that the petite madeleine is in each one of us, and wearing it is as fascinating as discovering it...