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Fragranze 16 - september 2018
Texts by Elena Moretti

Between ancient vanities and new needs, the world of fragrances, grooming and beauty for men evolves towards ever greater customization.
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Between emotions and messages, the new fragrances are a petite madeleine
The memory and the inner or physical journey, the beating heart buried by time or the dreamed love. Tiny origami or pastries made famous by Proust and much more, this is what today's fragrances reminds of.
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Destination Eco-Luxe
Unstoppable and increasingly structured: this is the trend that rewards skincare lines and fragrance collections that combine a high coefficient of sustainability with an exclusive character.
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Candles which tell a story or calm the spirit, distinguishing for their precious ingredients and the packaging designed with. Not only inspired by furniture pieces, nonetheless authentic talismans of well-being.
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Between ancient vanities and new needs, the world of fragrances, grooming and beauty for men evolves towards ever greater customization.

Antica Barbieria Colla di Franco Bompieri

The most famous barber shop of Milan is the starting point of a collection of colonies and hair and beard care products, all designed by the barbershop itself. Traditional recipes such as herbal balm, egg and rhum shampoo, apricot and capsicum and menthol anti-fall lotion. Among the new proposals, the gel for hair with black fig, ultra-light texture based on water.

Barber Mind

Barber Mind was born from the dream of Hiroshi Vitanza aka Hiro. The passion and knowledge of the craft of the barber since childhood, the setting of a whole life around what a way of thinking: the Barber mind. A 100% made in Italy line of products where tradition, quality, research, innovation, style and creativity are the roots.


A brand in motion. Focused on sport and the athletic attitude of contemporary man, it is dedicated to the fighters of everyday life. Not just an exclusively sporty brand, but inspired by sport.


To reinvent Infini in 2018 and embody modern femininity with freshness and sensuality, William Fraysse conceived a fruity accord of pear and orange, reinforced by spicy notes of pink peppercorns. A frivolous gourmand enhanced by vanilla and enriched by a blend of benzoin and musk, which sets the stage for a whirlwind of sandalwood and jasmine.

Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger sets the standard for male grooming. Founded in 1988, it is a family business that over the past two decades became a global leader in shaving products. Edwin Jagger represents the style and quality of the English tradition, combining them with cutting-edge design, production techniques ahead of the times and Sheffield's craft heritage.


In 2018, the Lalique house focuses its attention on the passionate strength of an independent man, committed to living his dreams and offering his unique vision of the world, launching L'INSOUMIS MA FORCE: the fragrance for intrepid men. A new interpretation of L'INSOUMIS, more fresh, green and aromatic on a boisé background, modern and lively.

Il Profvmo

After Othello and Lysander, Romeo arrives: a passionate seducer who loves without half measures. With its fragrance, Silvana Casoli wanted to offer a new vision of masculinity. Its perfume with notes of leather, intense and deep, depicts the olfactory portrait of a seducer with a free, refined and sensual charm.

The Grey Men’s Skincare

A new direction for male skin care. Day, night and eye products are concentrated in one for light travel. The skincare line is enriched with a system of daily absorption of vitamins, a special formula tailored for active men: 30 sachets of specific supplements that combat aging and stress.


The hipster phenomenon, the first electric razor and the first single use. First of all this is Truefitt & Hill, the oldest barbershop in the world (class 1805). The history of the barber started in London in the elegant district of Mayfair is made of centuries-old experience. The colonies, shaving accessories and toiletries are made with craftsmanship merged with cutting-edge techniques and still today are chosen by customers who want to feel impeccable in any situation.

Between emotions and messages, the new fragrances are a petite madeleine

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The memory and the inner or physical journey, the beating heart buried by time or the dreamed love. Tiny origami or pastries made famous by Proust and much more, this is what today's fragrances reminds of.

401 È Amatrice

A fragrance which contains a project of recovery and a message of strength. This is the dream of Roberto and Marina: a fragrance that swept away the smell of dust and destruction. A unisex fragrance created by Lorenzo Dante Ferro: 140 ingredients selected from the best qualities of essential oils. An arrangement of citrus notes such as Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Lemon and fresh herbaceous notes with floral accents of Damascene Rose and Gardenia. @Spring

Anima Vinci

A new collection of perfumes designed to emotionally awaken the mind, heart, and spirit. Between science and nature, each scent invites you to undertake a journey of the mind: from Bliss in Bali to Wood of Life and Rose Prana. In collaboration with independent suppliers and farmers from around the world, all the creations are developed using a sustainable approach.

Calé Fragranze d’Autore

The eau de parfum collection created by Silvio Levi presents an original musical journey conceived in collaboration with composer Philip Abussi. Unusual musical compositions are created in the wake of the feelings that every single fragrance communicates to the sensitivity of the artist. A collaboration that adds value to the olfactory perception and invites the visitor to experience a new expressive dimension of Calé Fragranze d’Autore.

Comporta Perfumes

Pedro Dias is a fragrance collector and a lawyer. The Comporta perfumes, his creation, are a journey through love stories on ethereal summer nights, salt water kisses, atmospheres full of spicy aromas, and even long walks on paths surrounded by pines and junipers. Infinite and white natural beaches, Atlantic breezes, green rice fields.

Ella K Parfums

Ella K is the new brand created by the famous nose Sonia Constant and is dedicated to her two passions for travel and fragrances. A tribute to the most adventuresome women of all time and from around the world, translated in a unisex collection of extraordinary olfactory memories: like Baiser de Florence, which recalls the incense of churches, the irises of the hills, but also the scent of antique stone in Florence.


Complex chords of notes to evoke feelings, moods and intimate personality portraits. Flumen chooses respect for the quality of the ingredients, the use of natural raw materials, the exclusivity of the olfactory agreement. Nine Parfum Intense evocative and persistent, a Special Edition with a concentration of essence that touches 48% and a Gold Edition embellished with 24kt gold petals.


A London Fragrance House founded by Nick Steward, Gallivant stands for urban exploration. It picks upon the vibes of the world’s hottest metropolitan destinations. ISTANBUL, created with Karine Chevallier is an amber-tinged, woody, spicy scent: where two continents and two cultures meet. It has a fresh and aromatic opening with notes of bergamot, cardamom and red thyme. This segues into a woody heart and then a base of sandalwood, vanilla, Tonka bean and other precious ingredients.

Liquides Imaginaires

An artistic conception by Philippe Di Meo. Les Liquides Imaginaires are symbolic perfumed waters, characterised by a strong emotional power. Healthy, spiritual, esoteric or erotic, they spread aromas, perfume or purify, representing a world of dreams or imaginary landscapes. These olfactory messages are the result of beliefs, experiences and the imagination of liquid matter.


Alberto Morillas, Maître Parfumeur and author of unforgettable pages in Modern Perfumery entrusts Calé with the distribution of Mizensir, his most intimate and private creation. An essence of complete expressive freedom, without limits or conditions, told by perfumes and scented candles taking their inspiration from his memories, trips, and unforgettable encounters. Among the places imprinted in his memory is the garden of his youth in Andalusia, where he felt the first stirrings of his vocation for perfumes.

Pierre Guillaume-Collection Noire

A collection of unpublished bouquets, with surprising notes, made possible thanks to the technique of olfactory photography, that is the faithful reproduction of notes and olfactory sensations otherwise irreproducible in the traditional way. Two or three notes (compound chords and / or ingredients) communicated by a single fragrance. The olfactory pyramid is not given, in such a way as to allow everyone the freedom to experiment their olfactory journey.

Destination Eco-Luxe

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Unstoppable and increasingly structured: this is the trend that rewards skincare lines and fragrance collections that combine a high coefficient of sustainability with an exclusive character.

Abel Vita Odor

Abel was founded in Amsterdam by New Zealander Frances Shoemack with one goal: to create the world’s best natural perfume. Created by master perfumer Isaac Sinclair, each fragrance is composed of a highly concentrated mixture of natural oils. The packaging design was developed in collaboration with Atelier Joachim Baan. The result is a collection of chic, modern, and dynamic natural perfumes that last all day on your skin.

Anna Paghera

A story that has been rooted in the green for over five generations. An eco-green-chic vision that inspired the formulation of the collections. Each fragrance comes from a sensitivity towards what is natural and from an olfactory vocabulary matured in contact with marvelous gardens, among plants, shrubs and flowers. Exclusive collections for the environment and the person, unusual fragrances that tell of places, colors and stories.


A revolution in traditional cosmetics: BAKEL is 100% active ingredients, ZERO useless substances and synonymous with absolute quality, safety and transparency. All products are dermatologically tested to ensure maximum sensitivity even to the most sensitive skin, are tested to nickel, heavy metals, gluten-free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Kosher and 100% Made in Italy.


Björk & Berries is a brand of fragrances and skin care products that draws its origins in Swedish nature, culture and lifestyle. The journey began with a natural scent created from hand-picked birch leaves. The secret lies in the old remedies of Swedish forests and natural ingredients: birch, witch hazel and white clay transformed into effective ecoluxury products.


A brand that captures the essence of the rugged landscapes of Empordà, in the northeast of Spain, distilling the Mediterranean breeze. 100% natural essences, developed exclusively with local sylvan plants, most of which are hand-picked. The name of the brand means Wild Nose: the goal is to break the mold and ignore synthetic odors that distract from the real being. @Spring 

Ciatu - Soul of Sicily

Perfumed cosmetic line with Sicilian natural essences - orange, lemon, almond, orange blossom - Ciatu is not tested on animals and its production is done in respect of the environment. The dominant ingredient is olive oil. The elegant packaging is characterized by vivid illustrations made by Sicilian artists. @Spring

Coola Suncare

Coola's research is committed to creating pure and eco-conscious products to protect the skin. A suncare line based on natural, organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Coola products are 97% certified organic and manufacture takes place with solar energy. All formulas blend in luxurious moisturizing bases and provide broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.


Deage is 100% beauty clean, vegan and gluten-free, obtained with a mix of dedication and advanced science. The composition is based on 6 sophisticated skin "enchanters" agents, with a symbiotic biomimetic formula, molecular and organic structures. An individual system suitable for all types of skin, climate and lifestyle.


A line of organic natural skin care products. Tina Søgaard, starting from ingredients chosen in the laboratory, began to create creams, oils and sera without preservatives for personal use. Each product can be used individually or combined and many can be used in the kitchen and edible, as proof of the genuineness of the formulas.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Born in 1976 in London, today it is present all over the world with its products for skin care, hair care and personal wellbeing. Three objectives: safety, no harmful elements such as parabens and mineral oils; effectiveness: powerful plants and essential oils supported by research; environment: ingredients procured from sustainable resources, recycled and recyclable packaging.

Sana Jardin

A home of socially aware and ethical luxury fragrances. Launched by Harrod's in 2017 with a collection of seven eau de parfums created in collaboration with Master IFF perfumer Carlos Benaim, each fragrance emanates the most exotic scents of nature and exploits the healing power of essential oils, while remaining free of artificial colors, parabens , phthalates and formaldehyde.

The Laundress

Founded in New York, The Laundress has been taking care of our favorite garments and fibers for over ten years. The line is made of 100% natural ingredients, without chemical additives and petroleum derivatives. Each fabric and household cleaner is designed and manufactured for a specific fiber or surface, combining the most effective ingredients with delicious fragrances.


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Candles which tell a story or calm the spirit, distinguishing for their precious ingredients and the packaging designed with. Not only inspired by furniture pieces, nonetheless authentic talismans of well-being.

Atelier Oblique Berlin

The designer Mario Lombardo is the founder of the Atelier Oblique Berlin-based fragrance house. In 2015, he launched a collection of scented candles: “The Alphabet Collection“, in collaboration with Robertet from Grasse. Each candle is associated with a unique story, celebrating the moment and filling the room with feeling. Created using the finest ingredients and an exclusive design, the candles have become a popular classic.

Baobab Collection

Like a Baobab overlooking the African savannah, Baobab Collection candles and fragrance diffusers stand out for their impressive size and originality of design. The brand looks to the enchanted landscapes of Tanzania, but it is in Belgium that the creations are conceived. Also in 2018 the brand launches a collection of raffia candles and diffusers made by a women's cooperative in Madagascar.

Bougies Rigaud

Under a layer of crunchy caramel and vanilla, GOURMANDISE fills the home with its exquisite gourmand aromas. Top notes: mandarin, orange and peach. Middle notes: jasmine and orange blossom. Base notes: caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

Christian Tortu

combines flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit in unexpected compositions that erase any trace of artifice, offering a direct interpretation of nature. Products for the fragrance of the rooms in an emblematic fragrance: Forêts, and candles in six different fragrances that echo the nuances of nature.


Born in Paris in 1961 and was the first to produce scented candles since 1963, becoming a symbol of iconic furniture. Among the eau de toilette, it is an evergreen spicy L'Eau, which this year celebrates the 50th anniversary, the highly sought after Philosykos who paints olfactively the fig tree, Tam Dao a sandal that evokes memories of the East, and the novelties Tempo and Fleur de Peau.

Les Bains Guerbois

Created in 1885, Les Bains Guerbois quickly became the Parisian temple of beauty, where writers and artists like Manet, Proust, and Renoir would meet. In 1978, the landmark underwent a transformation into one of the most famous international nightclubs, and then, in 2015, it became a 5-star hotel. In 2016, Jean-Pierre Marois reinvented Les Bains Guerbois by launching a first signature Cologne and a perfumed candle.

Migone dal 1866

Migone since 1866 - At Pitti Fragranze 2018 the brand presents the new 100 ml Room Spray line. A practical diffuser in alcohol solution, created to enhance the high quality of the essences, exploring the different olfactory themes presented in the candlestick line, is a refined and persistent product, to inebriate all the rooms with style and elegance. 

Noble Isle

“Britain in a bottle”: gooseberry, willow, and samphire rock are some of the unusual and natural extracts chosen for their activeingredients and selected from regional producers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The new Tea Rose collection takes black tea leaves, with their soothing and protective properties, and combines them with the natural oils of Hampshire rose that locks in the skin’s moisture.