Super 7: The comments

Fausto Reali Vannucci, proprietor, Casheart
This is the first time we have taken part in Super and we are very satisfied.  There is a great, very business-oriented climate.  I like the fair’s open layout and the way the spaces are marked out.  The buyers that stopped by showed a great deal of interest and everything was aimed towards assisting our work.  I have taken part in other fairs but I find Super to be extremely valid!  We met Italian buyers as well as buyers from China, South Korea, Japan and Germany. We concluded orders and made interesting contacts.  We will definitely be coming to the next edition.
Lucio Portolano, proprietor, Mario Portolano
Our experience at Super was, as always, a positive one.  It is important for us to be here, this fair is a reference point.  Certainly, the climate of this autumn and winter did not facilitate our product, but we found our habitual clients at Super and made many interesting new contacts.
Xavier Aujard, designer and founder, Prêt Pour Partir
Super is a fair where buyers have a chance to dialogue with the exhibitors in a concrete and positive way.  Here I met again with historic clients, especially from Italy, and made interesting foreign contacts, in particular with South Korea.  Although sometimes my unisex style is not immediately understood, I believe it is very useful to be present at a fair devoted to womenswear,
Maria Icho, founder and designer of MA’RY’YA
This edition was undoubtedly very positive for Super and for us.  In addition to our habitual clients, we met some new and interesting clients from France, Iceland, Northern Europe and, above all, from the U.S.A.  I have to say that American buyers are very interested in Italian products and their quality.  We met many Italian buyers who were very enthusiastic right from the first day of the fair.  The location is certainly very comfortable and I should add that the positive experience at Super is also the result of Pitti Immagine’s careful organization.
Michele Lazzari, sales director, Alto Milano - iSoK
A wonderful edition of Super for us!  We had prestigious clients from Italy which was present with lots of buyers, as well as from abroad (in particular China, Japan, Germany and Switzerland).  We met with our clients but we also took new orders.  The organization was excellent, as at every edition.  Here there is a relaxed climate that is cleverly designed to facilitate our work and that of the buyers who feel enticed to study the collections presented in more detail and to expand the dialogue with the exhibitors.
The Super Talents:
Elina Vanaga founder and designer of Deeply Personal
To be in the Super Talents selection means a lot to an up-and-coming designer like me.  It is a very significant showcase and an important fair.  We mostly concluded orders with Italian buyers, but what really counts is the contacts we made.
Marit Ilison, founder and designer of the eponymous brand
This is the second time that I have taken part in Super and I am very satisfied with how it went.  Super and the Talents section are a regular launch pad for us designers and here we can collect input and interesting contacts.
Mario Dell'Oglio - Dell'Oglio Palermo, President Camera Italiana Buyer Moda
SUPER showcases a brand proposal and an assortment of products that are essential for our stores.  Our high range boutiques offer sophisticated fashion research with brands that have a high stylistic content, providing a coherent blend of style and quality; therefore they need products like those offered by the SUPER brands which have a contemporary and innovative style, but are also characterized by a strong craft and manufacturing identity.
Beppe Angiolini - Sugar Arezzo, Honorary President, Camera Italiana Buyer Moda
In this season in Milan it is possible to distinguish the fruits of a revamped itinerary and a great energy.  Today, identity and personality are the key to everything.  They represent a fundamental element of our work as buyers.  Fairs like SUPER have a strategic importance for us.  Here we find interesting capsule collections, innovative products, young international designers and creations with a special history behind them; it is these very products that, selected and mixed with articles by other famous brands, make the difference in a store’s proposals. This is what makes it possible to personalize a fashion store and make it exclusive.  Mixing our selection and making it personal is the key to the future.
Georgia Pizzi, Italy Account Manager, Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong)

I have been to Super already and I have found it to be a very interesting fair on various levels because it brings together in a single location a wide range of collections that stand out for their high level of research into women’s fashion.  Which trends are emerging for the next Fall/Winter season? I have certainly noticed garments with a strong character and a great use of sneakers, as well as high-soled footwear.  My hope is that the fair will continue to grow over the next few editions with a greater focus on high range products.