“The Charm of the Uniform”: the project by Gentucca Bini dedicated to the concept of uniform in fashion culture

Unisex workwear, clothes whose elegance derives from their utilitarian origins, uniforms take centre stage in “The Charm of the Uniform”, the new project by Gentucca Bini on show at Super.

Every detail, the material, the stitching and the volumes are in harmony with each other to form functioning, functional objects: dresses, overalls, coats and jackets, which come about after having gathered together the needs and desires of those who will be wearing them. At the trade fair, Gentucca Bini will also be presenting the project with a momentous event – on the afternoon of Saturday 24 September – when she will be welcoming press and buyers, with a special welcome kit; and in addition the event’s welcome team will be wearing a highly-creative uniform devised by the designer.