Super Editorials:
What about TALENT?
An interview with Sara Maino

Here you go the second episode of “Super Editorials”, the video format launched by Pitti Immagine that features interviews with key personalities within the fashion industry, revealing ideas, visions, projects and style details, with a focus on womenswear.  

The idea of scouting, the value of research in the fashion industry and its evolution over the years, but also future projects, countries to keep a special eye on and useful tips for designers: these are the themes of the second interview featuring Sara Maino – senior fashion editor of Vogue Italia and head of Vogue Talents.
Sara Maino will be curating SUPER TALENTS, new countries to watch: a dynamic talent scouting platform at SUPER, with a focus at this edition on emerging scenarios and on new and unexpected contemporary fashion destinations such as the Philippines, Cyprus, Mexico and Thailand. 
Brands already confirmed in this edition include: KEN SAMUDIO (Philippines), LITTLE SHILPA (India), NATAR GEORGIOU (Cyprus), SALO SHAYO (Mexico), TALLER MARMO (United Arab Emirates), HELLEN VAN REES (Holland), ROTSANIYOM WHITE LABEL (Thailand).