Summer Lightness


The scent of summer is laden with sun, lavander, smiles and fine white fabrics, cut through with a touch of the ‘70s. Inspirations from the SUPER collections.

Celia Gould - The super luxury scarves in pure silk and cashmere by Celia Gould, are printed in Como with patterns inspired by the English designer’s photographs, her numerous trips and adventures throughout the world.
Deeply Personal - From Latvia, a look Made in Italy that focuses on simple silhouettes with clean designs. Customised prints and tailoring details breathe life into shirts with lightweight transparencies and skirts that break the rules of traditional office attire. @ MORE DASH: EYE ON THE EAST
Endless Rose - Embroidered details and transparencies conveyed by a proposal in pure Resort style. Crop tops, woven shorts and blouses, short dresses and jumpsuits combine to express a cool, summertime style.
FLOW the Label - For the Ukrainian-Belgian brand, the symbiosis of masculine and feminine, the attention to detail and the focus on the ethics of values are distinctive features. The reference world is the serenity of the mountains, combined with the beauty of the storm. @ MORE DASH: EYE ON THE EAST
Hellen van Rees – Eco-sustainable fabrics and materials bring to life dresses that revisit traditional silhouettes with architectural forms. Refined hand-made textures in contrast with innovative finishes. @ SUPER TALENTS
MA’AN - From the Arabic word for “Water”, source of life and of purity, MA’AN presents itself as a meeting point between Western and Eastern culture. A way ofviewing fashion without barriers formed by religion or custom, dedicated to elegant, cosmopolitan women.
Mama Kenya - A touch of gypsy style for a summertime spent holding hand-made embroidered bags made of African fabrics. Matched with hand-made sandals in real Florentine leather sporting pom-poms and charms.
Manish Arora For Derhy – One of the world’s best-known names out of India, Manish Arora has been a fashion designer since 1997. Every season, he presents new combos of his creative fusion of patterns from Indian tradition, tangy shades and uber contemporary ideas
Nico Giani - An explosion of pure forms and bright colours, fruit of an in-depth study carried out by the young designer. Determination, dynamism and sweetness blend together in a collection of bags entirely made in Tuscany.

Poupette St Barth - A French touch for aswimwear collection that identifies its DNA in the ideal of the freshness of the “Femme-Enfant”. Kaftans, sun dresses and blouses, an elegant tribute to the lifestyle of Saint Barth.