Clean Cut & New Minimal


A minimal look composed of unisex garments and flawless cuts. New uniforms that play with colour blocking and with the modernity of sportswear

AKJP - A strong unisex identity for the South African brand conceived by creative duo Keith Henning and Jody Paulsen. A look expressed as the perfect combination of abstract prints and boxy silhouettes in a game of colour blocking and graphic patterns, inspired by the sportswear style.
ANOUKI From Tbilisi, Georgia, this young 26 year-old designer launched her brand in 2013 with the desire to offer new standards and shake up fashion in Georgia by offering a total look far from clichés that would leave every woman the freedom to express herself in a personal way. @MOREDASH:EYE ON THE EAST
AQUARAMA - The refined taste of Italian tailoring weds state-of-the-art functional extras in a range of unique, sporty, hi-tech garments of a classic, minimal elegance. Outerwear is the star of the collection: from jackets to field jackets, coats and raincoats featuring a combination of nylon and fine natural fabrics.
ART CAPSULE BY STEFANIA CARRERAThe innovative techniques used for the dyes, embroideries, carvings, de-colorations and hand-painted details are the true fil rouge of this collection. Each piece is garment-dyed with a “FADE “treatment, made with earth, flowers, fruit liquorice and cocoa. The garments are subsequently manually worked on again one by one, again using ecologic colours for natural fibres.
GENTUCCA BINI - Gentucca Bini is back with “The Charm of the Uniform”, her project on uniforms. Unisex work uniforms, dresses sporting an elegance that derives from their 'utilitarian' origin. All details, the materials, seams and volumes are in harmony with one another to form functioning and functional objects.
ISOLE & VULCANI - Geothermal energy, reptiles, obsidian, volcanic rocks, beaches with black sand, are some of the strong elements that inspire designer Daniela Fadda in a beachwear collection that evokes the wild Filicudi isle. Pure cotton, often in plain colours, characterised by raw-cut edges and the absence of seams.
MA'RY'YA - Unisex, ageless garments, to be worn with a sense of humour. The concept of ma'ry'ya is a minimal and natural elegance, dedicated to daily life, and easy to wear anywhere. The materials used are cashmere, silk, silk and cashmere blend, organic cotton, organic wool, silk and linen blend.
MARCWAVE - A minimal, elegant look for thisbag collection created in the groove of traditional Tuscan craftsmanship. Clutches, totes, handbags and purses follow architectural forms and present contrasting colour combinations.
ROSANYOM WHITE LABEL - Individuality, Inspiration, The Right Feeling: these three concepts are the reference values for the style of the brand, which describes its product as “Wearable objects for every woman”. @SUPER TALENTS
SAMIRA ERSHANI Based in Belgium, Samira Ehsani is a footwear brand that invests in a sustainable approach to production and in craftsmanship. Each piece of footwear is produced by hand in the studio, using alternative, cruelty and animal-free materials.
SEFEM designThe star of the show: design. 3D forms in steel and gold that resemble crosses between geometric shapes. New forms with a futuristic identity, combining modern architectural forms with design in its purest, simplest form. The concept is inspired by an idea of Paola Vanazzi, architect with a passion for jewellery.
SOLOVIÈRE - Alexia Aubert transfuses the minimal yet industrial silhouettes of Varvara Stepanova and her ancestral yet graphic vision of the man’s wardrobe. Simple forms emphasised by natural, hand-woven materials: slippers, city sandals, babouche slippers for indoors and outdoors and blocks of saturated colours side by side for ultra-modern graphic prints.

THE B. - Cool, energetic urbanwear. Clean forms, moved by details and colour contrasts. On the top, ultra-fine midi and mini-length outerwear in nylon. Accessories to be worn: the Transitorial backpack bag and the drawstring bags in nylon and two-colour eco-leather.