Summer in the city


A mood that loves eccentric style and detail combos, even in outfits for everyday wear

Alessandro Gherardeschi - The shirt becomes an expression of the art of living. Hand-painted fabric patchwork and tailoring details bring alive unique shirts, made thanks to sourced quality materials and experimentation into traditional and innovative techniques, in collaboration with skilled artisans.
Angelia Ami - Born in 1993, Angelia Ami was inspired to her research by her curiosity to discover the world. Mixes of different fabrics, simple, architectonic lines and multi-cultural influences merge in a harmonious melting-pot. For SS17, spring in the Orient shines through in small floral decorations, kimonos and tunics.
AnthenaClothing – From Kazakhstan, a collection that focuses on the understatement of black and white and the elegance of the men's shirt, teamed with feminine shapes and lots of influence from the world of sportswear.
Castañer A manufacturing story from the 1900s with high points such as the partnership of Isabel and Lorenzo Castañer with Yves Saint Laurent. Marked Mediterranean roots combined with a cosmopolitan vocation for a collection that brings the espadrille bang up to date.
Chiara ZanettiLeather, that ancient living material, becomes a jewellery sculpture in the hands of Chiara Zanetti and mimes the shapes and effects of metal and wood. Point of arrival, a luxury collection of bracelets and other jewels, virtuosos of manufacturing, in numbered series.
Clone - Bruno Bordese relaunches Clone, the icon line of footwear from the nineties. New and past merge: materials and shapes are reworkings of the brand’s archive models. Wedges and clogs in various heights feature patches, white pearls and micro stars. Denim frills decorate sneakers.
Es’givienA playful return to nature reworks volume and surface, for and unconventional look with a touch of classic. Fibres, fabrics and avant-garde processes generate a unique mix of natural materials, from linen to silk denim, from thicker knits to laminated ones, from thermoforming to vintage trimmings.
Flavia La RoccaDouble concept for a contemporary dynamic way of dressing: Modularity and Sustainability. 8 looks in the space of one clutch. Interchangeable modules that, thanks to hidden zips, can be put together and worn in a multitude of combinations. A wardrobe without end, Made in Italy in eco-sustainable fabrics.
N°21 # KARTELL - Kartell presents its new collection in collaboration with Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s N°21: focus on the new edition of the “Knot” sandal, with its tank-tread para sole and unmistakable bow in new colours such as black, blue, emerald, white and rust.
Unfleur - Suede and leather wrap around the body. Mango, Kenya green, cobalt blue. Space for an urban exotic girl who dares in short mint green jackets with tobacco inserts over saffron dress. Slim colourful leather tube dresses alternate with geometric-style tunics featuring dropped shoulders.
RE/DONEA good pair of Levi’s is like a good wine. They improve with age. This brand based in downtown Los Angeles is a celebration of vintage denim, which it presents—new—in all its authenticity and with perfect fit.
White Sand - Study and research into influences from the Far East interweave with Italian taste in a collection of trousers with defined lines and simple, never bold, colours.
Long, lean fits inspired by Japan become the new go-anywhere look for all-day wear.