Super Stylist.
A talk with Lucio Colapietro

Tell us about yourself and your work... 

Which designers and icons have had the biggest influence on your approach to fashion? 
Personally, my relationship with fashion takes up all aspects of my life: I always try to surround myself with what I consider beautiful. That might be a lavishly decked table for my friends, or choosing an outfit depending on how I feel on that particular day. My work mainly consists of providing a distinct identity in terms of image to the brands for which I work as a consultant, but I also manage the fashion content in the beautiful magazine L’Officiel Azerbaijan, of which I am fashion editor.
Loving fashion, every designer has represented an influence for me, firstly throughout my training and currently in my ongoing pursuit of beauty: I can, however, say that two Italians I love in particular are Franco Moschino and Gianni Versace, two creative geniuses and artists beyond compare.
Three things you love and hate about your job?
I certainly love the opportunity it gives me to travel the world and discover new cultures, the discipline that it has taught me in pursuing my goals and above all else the chance to experience fashion not as a spectator but, if you will, as an insider.
To tell you the truth, I don’t hate anything that is worth mentioning: I feel privileged because I make a living doing something I love!

Tell us about your “creative process”. What is your starting point when you’re working to create a look and a style that enhances the image? 
For me, intuition is still one of the major components of my creative process: I go with my gut, and as soon as I hear that inner voice that makes me think “this is the right garment”, I follow it blindly. This obviously always goes hand-in-hand with my personal infinite thirst for research and knowledge: I do research everywhere, trying to capture future trends and movements. In addition, when I work as a personal shopper, I also follow the tastes and needs of the customer. I’m like a sort of image psychologist.
What “smart” items should never be missing in a woman’s wardrobe to resolve style and look dilemmas? And what absolutely shouldn’t be there?
Definitely a little black dress, thanks to its versatility. In the morning, it’s perfect when paired with ballet flats for daytime, and if you wear stiletto heels, it becomes very elegant for a cocktail party. As regards accessories, socks with ballet flats are a definite no-no: flat shoes with socks are not sexy at all!
Style is...? Femininity is...?
Self-affirmation: the dress is still, in my opinion, a celebration of feeling good with your body. 

In short, what are the major trends for next season that we could also identify at Super?
I’ll start by saying that today, the fashion scene has so much to offer that everyone has their own personal vision of it. I was particularly struck by the macro trend that investigates the relationship between the digital and urban space, about how our society has changed since the advent of smart technology, i.e. the digital era. In particular, I reflected on virtual identities. These are often a reflection of what we would like to be, rather than reality. All this has given rise to a collective imagination of images, a veritable aesthetic, where visual fantasies and imaginary worlds are part of our daily routine. Translated into an image: all that is dreamy, conceptual, clean and minimal, i.e. what we aspire to become. Another macro trend that particularly struck me is what emerges from the undeniable fact that today history is available to everyone. Images are transmitted virtually. This has produced a nostalgic aesthetic that mixes details from the 70s and combines them with ultra contemporary styling work (just think of the work done by Gucci, which is undeniably marking our era when it comes to fashion), or revived from times gone by with unexpected twists. Today, fashion seems like a sketch book where everyone expresses this or that, choosing one thing then another, and this creates new codes, new combinations.