For the second time, the exhibition for SUPER has been signed by Andrea Caputo

This year the visitors are immersed in the dynamic and temporary state of the growing city, constantly under construction/in an enduring worksite. The design has been inspired by the severe identity of the site, a hypogeum open space with a rugged feel. The continuity of the concrete floor survives by means of a dematerialized grid, which is only projected on the ground, leaving the space open and fluid. A few special zones become the points of reference for orientation, standing as three-dimensional elements against the horizontal grid. The absence of decoration and the presence of raw materials, such as the galvanized steel tubular typical of the scaffolding, recall the image of the building site, evoking urban atmospheres and underground scenarios.

Andrea Caputo is the Milan based architecture and design studio that works in the architecture and design sector conducting research on contemporary themes. Research that aims to identify the actions and ideas that influence and shape our society, in order to create better solutions for all the necessities of daily life. The studio is currently involved in a large number of projects, both contract and private, in Europe and Asia.