A visual storytelling project with a high social impact, curated by Alessandro Enriquez and realized by Louis Philippe De Gagoue, one of Africa’s most creative photographers and stylists

At this edition, Super’s creative storytelling also gives life to ANOTHER VIEW, a project which is the brainchild of Alessandro Enriquez in collaboration with Pitti Immagine: a special photographic shooting session by Louis Philippe De Gagoue - photographer, stylist and artistic director, based on the 

Ivory Coast, and a contributor to prestigious international magazines – who began photographing the contradicting realities of African countries with a distinct fashion sense.
Louis Philippe De Gagoue will be collaborating with Alessandro Enriquez on a photographic shooting session starring a selection of the collections present at Super, showcasing a mix and match of products suitable for an urban and creative public. Colors, shapes, fabrics and new trends for the FW17 season will be brought together in an editorial special directed towards the digital and social world, with viral content and the involvement of the public through Facebook and Instagram lives.  An urban tale with a retro twist which will be projected towards street and ethnic atmospheres that are capable of globally portraying an ethno-pop and futuristic vision of fashion.