Shoko Mizuno, United Arrows LTD, Japan
“It’s an event with a great concept. I found a really well-structured range of fashion and accessories, and very interesting brands and collections with an emphatically international scope, ranging from Eastern Europe to Africa, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and many more.”
Olesya Novichenko, Day&Night, Russia
“At Super I saw some really top quality collections, the result of intensive scouting activity at an ever higher level. It’s a simple event to attend, in a chic and relaxing atmosphere that definitely makes our work easier.”
Sunny Choo, Hanwha Galleria, South Korea
“I found some very interesting brands in line with an absolutely contemporary concept store format: they were international and diverse, and above all they included new names in the market. There was a fine range of clothing and accessories and it was the right scale for our research.”
Aya Iwata, Merci, Paris
“A very interesting and well constructed selection of brands, within a functional exhibition itinerary with plenty of input, also in the special international partnership areas. Taking part in Super was also a perfect opportunity to discover new trends, see what’s new in women’s fashion. In the future editions we would like to see more artisanal and handmade products”.
Bobby Farboudi, Boudi Fashion, United Kingdom
“At Super I felt a wonderful atmosphere, beyond my expectations, and in fact I came back several times to strengthen some contacts. Lots of really interesting brands and companies, with valid designs even from a sustainability viewpoint, that make unique and special pieces. That is precisely what I am seeking for my new store: the more unusual the brands I work with, the better and more select is my range”.
Sara Swift, Swords-Smith, New York
“My visit to Super enabled me to find new brands for the collection portfolio of our research concept store in New York. Scouting is fundamental to us, and here at Super I found brands and designs with really interesting stories, which is a real added value; just think for example of Alama culture-to-wear jewellery, made by Maasai women in Tanzania”.
Séverine Patureau, Printemps Siège, Paris
“Super is a very easy to reach event and really well organised. The central location is perfect, and the structure of the exhibition facilitates the pathway between the collections. I saw different trends, but I can say that the selection of brands is already a trend in itself, with a fresh appeal and intelligent attention to market needs”.