Olivier Bernoux presents

“weapons of seduction”

Sunday, September 24, Kathleen Kennedy will be special guest at Pitti Super in Milan for the launch of the Olivier Bernoux capsule collection in collaboration with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, in the year of its 50th anniversary.

On Sunday, September 24, at The Mall (Piazza Lina Bo Bardi), Pitti Immagine's womenswear accessories and prêt-à-porter trde fair will have Kathleen Kennedy, daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy at Super for the launch of the "Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation Fans and Bags Capsule Collection" signed by the French designer Olivier Bernoux in support of the Foundation's projects.
The brand Olivier is born from the inspiration of the Designer Olivier Bernoux in his desire to bring back to life the tradition of the Fan as an absolute ‘weapon of seduction’ and elevating again this sensual and elegant accessory to the highest levels of Haute Couture and Trend. The Fan could only be raised from oblivion in the hands of a visionary Designer such as Olivier Bernoux with an extreme degree of sensitivity and sophistication.  In his Collection he enjoys mixing noble and antagonistic materials in order to create fresh Haute Couture pieces, daring but always elegant. Olivier Bernoux has taken this task at heart, with passion and determination. 
A Woman with an absent look in her eyes that opens a Fan with extreme elegance, represents without a doubt the most subtle of sensualities that can be defined as an ‘Innocent Provocation’.Olivier Bernoux is obsessed with this unique and legendary accessory. His Fan Collection has a wide spectrum of models that cover from the most provocative and transgressive up to date pieces to the most sophisticated and classic, where embroideries, feathers and Swarovski crystals play a leading role. 
Without a doubt one of the most remarkable things that Olivier Bernoux has achieved is to update the Fan  Communication Code to the XXI century, where the social media networks and WhatsApp provide instant satisfaction, but killing in the process the enjoyable experience of seduction. It's important also to recognize that the roles have changed. Now women are independent individuals and therefore equal to men in the dating process. They are sure of themselves and take an active role. Olivier Bernoux believes that also men should enjoy the use of the Fan, from the most extreme and daring to the classic sartorial look, taking as examples icons such as David Bowie and Marcello Mastroianni. It's all about seduction and interaction, about sending the right message of who you are and what you want or expect of the outcome.
Fans with messages such as ‘I am Hot’, ‘ Sex Toy’, ‘Wild’, ‘Free Ride’, ‘Be Punk’, ‘Love is not Dead’ represent the extreme of this Code in the most loud and clear way, the Gun doesn't send a belligerent or violent message, instead means ‘Weapon of Seduction’, the rest of the Collection is not expressed in words but in style. Obsessed as Olivier Bernoux is by femininity and comfort, he has created a Collection of ultra-light bags and exciting Clutches that complete to perfection the Olivier look, while improving the silhouette and expressing the woman personality, without showing off but making everybody notice. 
Many celebrities have already fallen under the Olivier Bernoux spell. Kerry Kennedy, Pamela Anderson, Rossy De Palma never walks the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival without her Fans, Penelope Cruz, Monica Bellucci, Pía Getty, are among a long list of celebrities that he considers his muses and will accompany him in his global launch.
Olivier Bernoux as a Designer and human being believes that he has a role in leaving behind a better world, so he has signed an agreement with Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation that has advocated for a more just and peaceful world since 1968., to support their efforts and programs specially in the areas of Education.
This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation and to commemorate this important event, Olivier Bernoux has created a capsule collection of Fans and Clutches including memorable messages inspired by Senator Robert F. Kennedy speeches and quotes, such as ‘Ripples of Hope’, ‘Truth to Power’, ‘Why Not’, ‘Hope’, ‘Dare’, ‘Dream’. The signature of RFK would be engraved on the last letter of the word, to make it more exclusive. In addition a Bag including a Bird and a quote ‘Only who dare to fail can achieve greatly’. 
Kathleen Kennedy, daughter of Senator Kennedy will be available to release interviews to share her views on this first collaboration of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation with a Fashion brand such as Olivier. Katherine Kennedy will attend the presentation at SUPER 10 at THE MALL, during Milano Moda Donna. Fashion Week.
Prior to this international launch, Olivier is currently selling in El Corte Inglés in Madrid, Barcelona, Puerto Banús/Marbella, in Grey Frannel in Capri, Beymen at Zorlu Center in Istanbul and Bodrum and Yours in Montecarlo. Fans, Bags and Clutches? More than anything Olivier proposes ‘Weapons of Seduction’ for very special women that want to be absolutely noticed and unforgettable without calling the attention.