Vee Fashion House Kenya

Essence of cultural elegance”, this is the motto of Kenyan-based jewelry and accessories brand Vee Fashion House Kenya that will showcase its creations on the occasion of the next edition of Super, among the many interesting international projects.
Located in Malindi, the home of beads, the brand has a local touch with an international outlook in the East African fashion industry and it's led by Vera (vee), a veteran fashion icon known for creative jewelry.
Gaining a reputation for very creative jewelry and accessories, VFHK offers a wide range of mixed items - artistic and ready-to-wear handmade jewelry and accessories - like bags and sandals that are inspired by a melting pot of different cultures. 
As a designer, Vee mission is to give men and women a unique way to express their individuality through style, giving back by inspiring and teaching young boys and girls from her surrounding how to be independent through art.