ethno chic

Alessandro Enriquez: heaven is a place on earth
A love story set in a jungle of fascinating surroundings. New Eden is the new collection by the Sicilian designer characterized by zebra, leopard, Pegasus and mermaid prints. All of which is transformed by irony: animalier patterns give way to kisses and written phrases, python prints are made up by a convergence of pixel hearts, and a giraffe skin pattern overlays stars and lettering. A journey amidst denim matelassé outerwear with interchangeable prints, studs, and jackets, unisex safari jackets in cotton drill and Hawaiian-styled shirts. Alessandro Enriquez plays around with immortalizing classic animals from the savannah through a pop interpretation characterized by color and a free spirit.

Robert Friedman: when italian expertise meets american style
Italian & American Style is the well-balanced mix that made Robert Friedman stand out right from the beginning. It was 1977 when the ability of an expert shirt maker met up with the creativity of a fashion designer in Florence. From here, arose the inspiration for a new line of shirts, of American taste and Italian elegance, known as Robert Friedman in tribute to the famous New York tailor. The leitmotif is represented by constant research onto exclusive fabrics – coming from the very best Italian, Swiss, English, and French knitting mills – and sophisticated prints. To this day, the brand’s textures, colors, and patterns continue to conquer a loyal base of customers around the world. 

POPA: 100% mediterranean style
After over 25 years of experience in the world of footwear, in Alicante, the Lucas brothers launched their very own brand of “menorquinas”, characteristic Spanish sandals that combine raffia, natural leathers and cork. While respecting the details of traditional processes, new fashion trends are incorporated into their line of models, exalting the concept of platforms. POPA is a 100% Mediterranean product, a collection of shoes and bags artisanally manufactured in every phase of production: from the design and material selection to the final product. 

Belle Mais Pas Que: no ordinary charms
It arrives directly from Provence as a groundbreaking new trend. The ethnic mood meets up with proverbial French coquetry in the collection of Belle Mais Pas Que. In the self-ironical name of the brand, a subtly boho-chic spirit is revealed by a line of bracelets, necklaces and rings that have purposely distanced themselves from excess. Natural stones set by hand on noble materials and golden metals are at the heart of new passe-partout summers.

Saudade: escape to Brazil
Originating in Brazilian culture, saudade presents itself as an inexpressible state of mind. A cheerful melancholy, an ambiguous concept for the kinds of emotion it arouses. From this contrast, arrives the Saudade beachwear collection, made by hand with love, for conjuring up the beauty and unique quality of Brazilian ethos. Every chromatic combination is specifically studied to complement the different sensations, climates, and cultures, both typical and extraordinarily diversified at the same time, which characterize every region of the country.