The Hi-Tech brands at Super

The most original total look of the contemporary woman is increasingly also made of creative accessories with high hi-tech content. Some of the accessories presented at Super are surprising because of their original design and unusual uses. Did you know that to make a perfect tea or infusion the bag needs to have 427 micro-perforations? Try the Sticksology sticks. Ostrichpillow has made better sleep its mission, launching super comfortable portable cushions suitable for any requirement. The Mojipower power banks are the ideal solution for people who want to stay connected without sacrificing originality. Qushini is a brand of truly original handbag accessories: from mini-fans for the warmer season to speakers, passing through mini LED lamps. Chpo is a Swedish brand of watches and sunglasses inspired by skateboarding, music and art, the result of the passion of a group of artists with a strong social attitude. Frequent Flyer takes care of the fashionable travelers of every day and offers over 100 different styles of backpacks, bags, trolleys, phone cases and cameras. Music fans will love the headphones from Crazy Baby, a brand of wireless personal audio products with a futuristic design (and the producer of hardware and software services), the Divoom soundboxes and the Ub+Eupho E3 loudspeakers, a brand that incorporates the best design elements of traditional speakers featuring a spherical cover and the latest audio and wireless technology. Finally, the Tapper brand of leather straps for AirPods based in Stockholm offers a combination of high functionality and intelligent design. From Southern California, a brand led by passionate gamers who understand exactly what retro lovers want: My Arcade proposes plug and play and portable gaming devices. Last but not least, Smartclean makes accessories that through innovative ultrasonic technology keep your glasses and jewelry more clean and shining.


From the mini fan for the warmer seasons to the speaker case, passing through the mini LED lamps, a series of hi-tech accessories with an original design, to be kept always in your bag!


Swedish watch and sunglasses brand inspired by skateboarding, music and art. A brand born from the passion of a group of artists with a strong social position.

Crazy Baby
Futuristically designed brand of personal wireless audio products and manufacturer of hardware and software services. Crazybaby offers a truly inspiring musical experience with its innovative headphones.


Eleven years of experience in the audio production sector, Divoom has accumulated unparalleled product knowledge and production experience in the loudspeaker sector.


A brand of super comfortable portable pillows that, as the brand's claim states, 'takes care of utopian dreamers all over the world'.


A brand dedicated to the search for the perfect infusion. Mini sticks of tea and infusions with 427 micro- perforations that allow the gradual and lasting release of aromas.


A brand that made its debut in style with the launch of its leather strap for AirPods at the iconic Colette store. Based in Stockholm, it offers a combination of great functionality and smart design.

Ub+Eupho E3

A brand that incorporates the best elements of traditional speaker design, using a spherical housing, and the latest audio and wireless technology, creating a large speaker, suitable for wireless devices.

Frequent Flyer

Inspired by Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport, Frequent Flyer is a lifestyle accessories brand designed for everyday fashionable travelers. Backpacks, bags, trolleys, phone and camera cases, bags: over 100 different styles of bags and accessories.


A brand of accessories that, through innovative ultrasound technology, keeps your eyewear and jewellery clean and shiny.


Quit boring power banks! Dedicated to all the hyper-connected, a fun solution to always have your mobile phone charged are the colorful power banks from the original design and creative signed Mojipower

My Arcade

From southern California, a brand led by passionate players who understand exactly what retro lovers want. This passion is reflected in the design and features of plug and play and portable gaming devices.