Under the sign of easy glam vibe: 5 Progress
Born as a military vintage-styled capsule collection of customized jackets, the most recent label of the Romantic srl group looks to a combination of identity and the right price as expressed in the claim Luxury Affordable. The upshot, a kaleidoscope of colors, sequins and micro embroideries for a total look devised by the stylist and fashion designer Massimo Pepe. Among the preferred materials are eco-fur and tulle as a constant source of inspiration. The element always present in every single collection? The camouflage print. 


Gaynor Bongard: 20 years of luxury yarns

The finest natural yarns are the base for a luxury collection of stoles and scarves with a sartorial style. This is the vision of Gaynor Bongard, the brand created by the Anglo-Italian team that this year celebrates 20 years of research and experimentation onto textiles and loyalty to artisanal teachings. Since 1999, in fact, the focus of Gaynor has been on developing a niche product with a contemporary soul that starts from premium cashmere and the very best natural fibers from around the world. A few essential elements, together with skilled craftsmanship that combines technologies and antique savoir-faire, breathe life into a one-of-a-kind collection.


Madam Handbags: summer rock style

Energy and character for the collection proposed by the young fashion brand from Verona. More than bags, they are bona fide statements. Iconic elements are updated in a rebel-chic key with rock appliqués and jeweled pins. A cascade of pompoms makes the beach handbag in colored plastic a genuinely special item. Matchings of black and white fringes recall tribal rhythms, while colonial tones, vertical stripes, and elephant embroideries extend the invitation to depart for far-off lands.


Contemporary globetrotter with Scaglione

The sophisticated sensuality of a knit garment in neutral tones combines with the luxury touch of natural yarns to give life to suits perfect for wearing from dusk to dawn. The Spring-Summer collection of Scaglione revamps the timeless style of the 50’s in a proposal that is perfect as an urban outfit and as a feminine choice for moments of relaxation. Look and functionality remain ever-present focal points of the brand. At the same time, a modern look is expressed through neon crochet, jacquard palms, and 3D vertical stripes.


De Siena: etno-chic moments

From the creativity of decorations and appliqués, a “classic and comfortable” shoe is transformed into something unique. This is the creed of De Siena, the Italian footwear brand that looks to the creativity of a team of young designers for its rock and summer-spirited collections, emphasized by embroideries, patches and appliqués. Plus, the models can be further personalized through different choices in colors and details. An ethno-chic mood for canvas sandals with appliqués, slippers in painted canvas or in raffia with beads, crystals and colored studs, and biker boots decorated and painted by hand.