They are travel companions, sometimes partners on a special night, more often everyday allies, but always cult pieces. Here is a selection of accessories to discover at Super 15.

salce 197


Salce 197 was born in 2014 as a diversification project of Cafiero srl, a Belluno-based company spe-cialized in eyeglass cases and working with big eyewear brands. The passion for bags has always been in the family's DNA, hence the decision to create an ad-hoc brand, which unsurprisingly bears the name of the street and the house number of the company's first historical headquarters.



"Ore quo" in Latin means border, a dividing line between past and present. And there is nothing more retro than a foulard, the most charming of accessories. The brand, founded in 2018, transforms it into a precious and timeless cult item. In silk and cashmere twill, obviously made in Italy, for the FW20 season the Muse and Urbana collections open a new chapter in history.



The GMG brand has a multicultural background, it is inspired by history and mixes ancient and modern fabrics to create special objects, all unique pieces, handmade in Italy. Embroidered bangles, very light pendants in cotton, beads and sequins, clutches with a vintage vibe, but perfect for the most contemporary outfits. 

nima 1708


That between knitwear and fur is an exciting, timeless affair. NiMA 1708 chooses soft and envelop-ing materials such as cashmere and baby alpaca, and combines them with hand-crafted fur edges. The result is a collection made of warm hats with pom-poms, ponchos, stoles, and sophisticated yet relaxed caps. 



Like small architectural elements, Melip handbags and fanny packs build their identity on a type of minimalism that incorporates oversized volumes, while comforting curves integrate with a mix in be-tween Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese esthetic. A detail so important, it becomes a sort of signature: rounded piping that doesn’t go unnoticed and draws a hyper-feminine identity. 



Featuring ebony black, off-white tones and coral red, the brand’s creations are the brainchild of de-signer Beatrice Battistini. At first, it was just jewels. Then came the scarves, the micro, maxi and shopper bags, and – for next winter – the padded stoles and the neck warmers. The common de-nominator: geometric graphics that balance shapes and materials. 

E'ST Ely’s Thread


Ely’s Thread refers to the bond between the two founders and their precious grandmother, who has always made crochet handbags for them. Hence, the idea: to take some of her models and reinter-pret them through a modern lens, featuring a signature clasp that echoes a needle and thread. From everyday bags to clutches, the FW 20/21 collection is inspired by contemporary abstract art. 

Gaynor Bongard


The strength of a family business and the creativity of an Italo-British all-female team have turned this brand, founded in 1999, into an important reference for accessory lovers. Gaynor Bongard cre-ates warm stoles made with double yarn blends in wool and cashmere, tailored hoods and vests that mix well with more urban looks. Whether for a party or a ceremony, the yarns are enhanced with special transparent and bright effects.