Protagonists the brands of Campomarzio70

This historical name in artistic perfumery, Campomarzio70, brings to Super a wave of novelties with a selection of the most exclusive brand fragrances and designer candles, between unisex concepts, revolutionary science, excellences worthy of the Sun King, and ‘noses’ that have defined contemporary perfumery.




French artist with strong ties to his country, Alexandre.J explores other cultures to find creative pathways that his imagination then turns into paintings, sculptures, but also sophisticated fragrances. Every creation presents a vast range of olfactory notes, in various combinations with a unique design and composition, where a perfect equilibrium of sophisticated and valuable raw materials are blended together and contained inside exclusive bottles made from crystal, leather, wood, and other exquisite materials.


cire trudon


A French candle factory that sinks its roots into the excellence of its very own history, at the service of the court of King Louis XIV and Napoleon. Today, Cire Trudon produces luxury scented candles by hand, which are the fruit of exceptional research onto the technical quality of every single component (beeswax, candleholder, and wick) and a long and attentive collaboration with renowned perfumers.


escentric molecules


A cult phenomenon that has revolutionized the world of modern perfumery with a fragrance that is not a commercial blend or a perfume, but a clinical dose of a single chemical aroma. The idea is of multitalented perfumer Geza Schoen who presents his creations as a binary pair – Escentric and Molecule – exploring the same aroma-molecule in two different ways and giving life to modern classics.


familia familia


Unisex fragrances, with some dedicated to children, which speak a contemporary language, underlining the idea of sharing – of family understood as a network of affections and affinities – on which the brand is founded and inspired. Familia-Familia seeks to involve Italian artists and artisans, who, belonging to a tradition to respect and enhance, represent a unique value, creating an olfactory identity that strongly draw on elements from the Italian territory.




A collection of long-lasting molecular perfumes that takes its inspiration from the Florentine ancestral practice of alchemy. Hybrid formulas that blend natural and synthetic ingredients and which are based on a unique patented technology – InoscentTM. These alcohol-free formulas, which are delicate on the skin with hydrating properties, instantly reveal the heart notes of the fragrance thanks to the green chemistry of the ingredients and renewable molecules.




Blends for perfuming the air, nourishing the body and lifting the spirit. Together with Europe’s oldest bath and beauty artisans. L’Objet uses old world techniques without sacrificing innovation, and only ever using natural ingredients. To ensure lasting potency, the formulations are contained in UV-blocking dark violet glass bottles. Perfect for transforming daily rituals into pleasurable moments for escaping the ordinary.


parle moi de parfum



The exclusive perfumery of Parle moi de parfum is Michel Almairac, the famous “nose” who has created fragrances for Dior, Burberry, Gucci and Chloé, among others. It all takes places in the laboratory-boutique in the heart of Paris, where it is possible to discover the work of a perfumer, and the different stages involved in creating a fragrance. An authenticity without secrets for this new venture that Michel carries forward with passion together with his family.


xerjoff collezione v



The Italian maison of luxury perfumery Xerjoff presents a collection – the V collection– that celebrates velvet. A delicate and precious material, which with its soft and intense radiance, lends elegance to iconic perfumes like “Accento" and "Erba Pura", fragrances with floral and fruity notes, which are recognized and appreciated all over the world, and now finally added to the Xerjoff portfolio.