8 must-haves to discover at Super

Every day, a different mood: classic, oversized, sporty, eclectic. Just insert the right details, like those that Super has selected for you, choosing from amongst the most original brands and collections that express multiple, striking identities.




Afterlabel means “beyond the brand”. The intent is to highlight the individual experience of wearing a luxury down jacket that is outside of the most ordinary definitions. Urban in its intense and metalized colors, futuristic in its functionality, reliable in its comfort that protects from the cold without sacrificing the impact of an outfit that is sporty by day and radiant by night.




The name of the brand says it all: it comes from the Italian word “maglia”, which means knit in English, and from the name of the designer Maria Icho. After working many seasons for Giuliano Fujwara, in 2009, she launched her first collection. Ever since, she has remained true to a simple and natural elegance, made up by minimalism and comfort, which can be expressed and worn every day.




L'Impermeabile continues its research with complete respect for its fabrics of origin, which however are promoted in their versatility. Next to the original line, this season standing out are two Half&Half street capsule collections, where a rigorous style meets radiant colors on the inside of garments, or is matched with down or immense fabric patchworks, while always remaining faithful to its identity without any compromises.



maurizio massimino


Research and a choice range are the pillars of the Maurizio Massimino brand, which was founded in 2012, after years of experience in the international fashion system. The focus is on denim in the new collection that declares a love for sartorial details and fabrics, all selected in Italy and Japan, with strictly handcrafted productions. The result: a style that is outside of the dictates of fashion.


I isabella clementini


Oversized and comfortable volumes are the stylistic calling card of Isabella Clementini. Overcoats in double wool, tartan dresses, military green suits, superlight sweaters in merino wool and tricot pull effects. Above all, attention to sustainability: the designer, starting from the next season, has decided to recycle the yarn leftovers of its warehouse.




The new Scaglione collection, hedonistic and full of creativity, is inspired by New York in the Eighties. Soft and sensual volumes, neutral colors that are lit up by spots of color like red, yellow, and aqua green. The yarns are natural and exquisite, with a capsule collection that is 100% cashmere and partially recycled.


circolo 1901


Circolo 1901 has a strong and authentic identity. Starting from its very first collections, in 2009, it introduced an unconventional use of materials to create jackets with a sartorial cut, which are made however from fleece, jersey, and piqué with unique treatments and exclusive prints. The mission: the possibility of always wearing them without any compromises, because they are comfortable, machine washable and easy to fold.


frei und apple


The stylistic research of Frei und Apple stands out for its originality. It starts from the study of antique books and materials, and ends by paying tribute to freedom of expression and personal creativity. Thus, it is possible to interpret every piece of the collection in accordance with an individual style and frame of mind, whether it’s a simple colored insert or a strong element characterizing the entire outfit.


karpet diem


East meets West in the collections of Karpet Diem, the new Made in Italy brand that merges footwear with the most traditional element of home décor: the carpet. The idea comes from the photo of a child taking his very first steps on a Persian rug. Today, that child is the designer responsible for creating not only a line of sneakers, but also open-toe shoes with stiletto heels, pumps, loafers, backpacks and holdalls, all of which are made from original carpets in a thousand different variants.