The winter edition of Super loves lifestyles! It declares this through objects that decorate, that make life easier, ironic and fun. Objects that are beautiful to look at, pleasant to use and, above all, very stylish.



Founded in Stockholm, Lelo has now become synonymous with massagers, vibrators and accessories for transforming intimate pleasure into a unique and personalized experience. Not simple sex toys, but objects with a sleek and innovative design that conceal technology of the highest level. Like the SONA Cruise 2 and SONA™ 2 Cruise which use SenSonic technology. And the ORA™ 3, the intuitive oral sex simulator which offers a realistic experience.


shake it baby


Shake it baby is the name of the brand and, at the same time, an invitation to enjoy the snowstorm that falls on the fashion icons (Jean Paul Gaultier, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel) and their most famous motivational phrases. The idea is by Marie-José van den Ende, a designer based in Amsterdam, who has conquered the world of lifestyle, borrowing one of childhood’s most magical objects.




Dogs, cats, exotic animals and even Triceratops and Brachiosaurus. They are built by assembling colored bricks. The idea comes from the Jekca brand which, in this way, satisfies the passion for animals and the desire to furnish the home with very special sculptures that suit every environment. It is possible to choose between a large variety of breeds, so beautiful (and in some cases life-sized) they almost look real.



Saint Philomena for someone who has to take an exam, Saint Agatha, the patron saint of the breast, Saint Veronica, the patron saint of photographers, Saint Barbara who protects against lightning... Over 20 iconographic subjects, all female, are illuminated with bright colors and hyper-detailed backgrounds. Saints and mystics like travel companions, with reddened cheeks and very colorful outfits. Luminous miniatures, wooden trays and pop icons to carry around all the time, for playing with tradition, like “holy pictures” but in a fashion version. Heaven is guaranteed!



The Qeeboo showroom is like a zoo, but happy and colorful. The animals, from giraffes to rabbits, from orangutans to teddy bears, are playful furnishing elements, multifunctional, to be used in any way the imagination takes you. Some are rechargeable lamps or outdoor LED lights, others can be turned into seats. The color variants encourage collecting. It is not a coincidence that we have already conquered the best department stores all over the world.



Aloe vera, lime, vanilla, watermelon, mint. These are the irresistible scented notes of Touchland waters which sanitize hands, hydrating them and making them smell good. The business idea was born in 2010 in Barcelona with the intention of revolutionizing the sanitizing products industry, making them as beautiful, colorful and attractive to display as a perfume and to be used joyfully. Goal achieved! And now the customized and business versions are ready.



Sydney, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and lots of other cities are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and contamination for the Scandinavian design at the origin of Urbanista, a brand specialized in audio accessories to make listening to music an exciting and, above all, a daily experience. Colors, shapes and styles do not follow trends but are the fruit of collabs with designers, musicians, fitness influencers and foundations that promote social projects.



Mojipower dresses up technological objects using pop colors and amusing shapes. Made to attract attention, like small desk toys, the Bluetooth speakers become cute little animals, the USB flash drives are lollypops and an iced donut becomes a tempting cable guard.