Alexander Arutyunov - Russia

A Moscow-based Georgian designer who established his fully accessorised brand in 2011. The artistic and cultural traditions from the land of his birth are manifested through collections with a full-frontal street and contemporary impact. Each season the collection is enriched with new elements: bags, backpacks and belts. Even a line of jewellery was added in 2014.

Jirawat Thamrongkittikul - Thailand

Born in Chonburi, Thailand, his designer creations start with crosstitched embroideries, customised and reinterpreted through his distinctive style. The stylistically unique and versatile results resonate with chic nonchalance, creating garments that retain old-world and vintage influences.

Kinabuti - Nigeria

Founded in Nigeria in 2010 by Caterina Bortolussi and Francesca Rosset, it’s a label that fashions garments with naturally chic style, which it owes to the workmanship of local artisans. Out of this brand a social, non-profit business has been formed, the Kinabuti Fashion Initiative (KFI), its primary aim is to develop Nigerian fashion, giving young people a chance to learn professional techniques and know-how.

Loh - Russia

A Young fashion brand based in Minsk, the Loh creations pivot around the use of colours, textures and proportions and the way these elements interact with each other, producing surprising results. The garments become a means of liberal expression for a personal style, between irony and sensuality, in a frolic of tulle, faux fur, print and embroidery.

Takara Wong - Thailandia

Inspired by the dialogue between different cultures and subcultures – from underground to punk – the designer Thakorn Wannawong, resident in Bangkok, launched his own brand in 2015. The concept of “trial and error” is central to his creations allowing him to experiment different techniques and materials and blend them into sporty silhouettes. It’s as though imperfection is the distinguishing element of every garment.

SUPER has always been a dynamic talent scouting platform. Thanks to the SUPER TALENTS, new countries to watch area, the spotlight will be pointed at the most interesting creatives on the fashion scene and on the most promising brands, selected in cooperation with Sara Maino of Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents. The protagonists of this edition are both acknowledged talents and young designers from emerging scenarios and from new, unexpected contemporary fashion destinations like India, Portugal, China, Russia, Georgia and Thailand.