Boho-chic attitude for an eclectic and individualistic style. An outfit punctuated with ethnic fabric capes, romantic pea jackets, and jumpers sewn with floral patterns and handmade embroideries. All of which is livened up by unexpected details filtered in the light of mix & match.

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Overcoats and imitation furs embellished by appliqués and handmade intarsia are layered over t-shirts and sweatshirts enriched by luxury details. Multicolor sequined dresses are proposed next to oversize sweaters with glitter writings.

Caban Romantic

Eclectic and timeless appeal, handmade production, and exquisite materials matched with tulle and lace. Plus, for the new collection, next to iconic pea jackets in handcrafted leather applied on tulle, are overcoats in damasked fabric with trimming and details in imitation fur and capes in ethnic fabric with fringes.





Garments made from trips around the world and inspired by an innate curiosity to pursue unexplored roads. A beauty that originates from a combination of unique prints on comfortably fitted models. Exclusive patterns on a versatile collection tinged with nonchalance and made in a fair-trade scope.

A femininity that mix different visions: a 50’s-style and folk vision or vintage décor inspirations for embroideries, jewels and trimmings. Unusual layers are enlivened by a play of contrasts in the metropolitan style.

A slow fashion brand that goes beyond trends, a wardrobe project born to mirror the unique spirit and quality of every item that is made to last over time.

Ayala Bar

Puntovita & Arsenice

Creators of leather goods and accessories for the last 40 years. A vision rich in details and attention that is projected into the daily function of the accessories, to draw out the personality and creativity of the wearer.

The Ayala Bar collection is inspired by the infinite possibilities of contrasting colours, unusual materials and details. Jewels like small works of art that guard the secret of a vital and sophisticated femininity.

The delicate colors of winter provide the setting for a collection inspired by nature. The leaves are colored on tulle, drops of dew rest on the dresses reflecting the sunlight, tufts of grass change color making the outfits three dimensional.