Focus on creativity from INDIA
in collaboration with the Afterlife Project

In cooperation with Afterlife Project, an international initiative that supports young designers and offers them a global stage to show off local manufacturing, SUPER will highlight India’s emerging fashion scene. At this edition the three brands – Duet Luxury, K.Kristina and N&S GAIA – have great stylistic potential, combining creativity and precious embroidery traditions, and offer a preview of a broader project that will be presented at the fair’s September edition.

Duet Luxury_ Original, futuristic and functional, each bag stands out for its unique shapes and the combination of different elements. The bag becomes a refined style detail for every successful outfit.
K.Kristina_ minimal lines meet colour. Karishma Kristina Singh creates the unique digital prints that characterise each collection. Attention to detail combines with quality fabrics.
N&S GAIA_ N & S, nature and sustainability, continual reference to the earth – Gaia – and the environment. The collection uses “Dakmanda” hand weaving by the Garo tribe in Northeast India